Top 10 High Paying PPC Ad Networks

When it comes to online earning, one should know that “PPC is the easiest and effective way to earn money”. Many bloggers and web owners are earning through PPC ad networks, which is also known as pay per click. If you are new in this field and want to earn through PPC and monetize your blog then the very first thing you should know is “which PPC Ad network is best and high paying ?” In this article I am going to write about Top 10 high paying PPC ad networks so that you can choose the best and earn some smart income from your blog..!!! Before exploring this post You may also read : Making money with Blogging

top PPC ad networks 2014

#1-Google Adsense (The King)

Without any doubt, the best and high paying PPC Ad network is Google Adsense. Google adsense program is owned by Google and it is one of the income sources of Google. The reason why Google Adsense is the best is that; they are working with millions of advertisers and are able to provide relevant and high quality ads through which you can earn more. Its CPC (Cost per click) rate varies from $0.02 to $15 depending on the niche of the blog and location of the visitor. To earn money through this program of Google you just have to place the relevant ads on your blog and you’ll get paid when any visitor click on that Ad. To get approved from adsense, make sure you have quality and original content on your blog. (Yahoo & Bing)

This PPC network is best after Google Adsense. is a combine service from well recognized Yahoo & Bing!. is one of the strongest competitors for Google adsense. The reason why they are the strong competitors of Google is their ads customization and their CPC rates. You can change the color of the ad and make it attractive for your visitor. The approval procedure is quite difficult as compare to Google Adsense. They need traffic from USA, CANADA and UK mainly. Although, CPC rates are good. Their minimum payout is $100.

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Chitika ad program comes at 3rd spot in our ranking. The best thing about this program is that you can use it along with adsense. Just you need to have a blog with some decent traffic. Once your account gets approval, you can use their ads on your other blogs too.  CPC rates are low as per compared to adsense and, but somehow its a good network. Minimum payout is $10 via PayPal and $50 via Bank check. You can use their referral program as well to generate more income.

#4-Infolinks (Best For Text Content)

Infolinks are in-text advertising program. It means there will be no banner ads to cover the space on your website so you can earn more by using infolinks and any other PPC network at the same time. You just need original content, to get approval from infolinks. Not huge amount of traffic is required. Their CPC rates are good but not as good as adsense or and that’s why they are here on 4th spot. Approval time is short and approval requirements are not tough as of Google adsense. Minimum payout is $50 via wire transfer, Paypal or $100 by Western Union. Moreover, you can show up pop up ads Newly added to Infolinks.


After infolinks here comes the 5th high paying PPC program which is known as the “old PPC program”. Bidvertisers is serving bloggers who are banned from adsense for some reasons or those who are unable to get approved because of their tough requirements. Many bloggers who are using bidvertisers reported that it is quite easy to get approved; you don’t need huge volume of traffic. There are few usual conditions to get approval – they are not allowing adult blogs and the blogs related to illegal drugs or religious hate speech. Their CPC rate vary approx from $0.02-$3. Minimum payout is just like of infolinks.


Another ad program is clicksor which is a bid based CPC ads network and comes at 6th spot in our ranking. Clicksor offers in-text advertising as well as contextual based ads. You can earn money from both ways. Best thing about clicksor is that there are many sizes available that help you to make your ad attractive. Approval system is easy as compared to other programs mentioned above. Minimum payout is same as like infolinks and bidvertisers($50 via PayPal & check).


If you have huge amount of traffic and you are banned from Google adsense, then Pocketcents is the best alternative for you. Pocketcents CPC rates are fixed which is $0.25. Therefore, the math is simple, you need 1000 clicks to earn $250 and believe me this is not a great deal as other networks mentioned above offering more. They offer in-text , hybrid and banner ads. Minimum payout is $10 for PayPal.

#8-Exit junction

Well, Exit junction works quite differently as compare to others. It works in a way that when your visitor who came directly from search engine, when he hits the back button to leave your site he will then see a page full of ads. It is a great way of earning from bounced traffic. Moreover, its CPC rate is normal, not high as of others.


Adhitz is another alternative of all the programs mentioned in this article. The problem with adhitz is that their CPC rate is very low. You can expect from $0.04-$0.14 depending on the location of the visitor. Traffic from USA, CANADA & UK is required to generate a decent income from adhitz. Minimum payout is $25 from PayPal.


Kontera comes at 10th spot in this article. Kontera specialize in in-text advertising and it is recommended by many bloggers as they have positive experience with this PPC ad network. Their CPC rate is $0.04-$0.7 depending upon the traffic volume, location and niche of the blog.

So this was the list of top 10 high paying PPC Ad network. I hope you find this article relevant and worth reading. Start your blogging carrier now and choose the best PPC ad network and start earning today. We wish you best of luck. Got any question?? Ask in the comment box. Thanks.!!

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