Top 5 Best Free Voice Recording Software for Windows

Here is another warm and tidy welcome from me to all my readers. I’ll start with another helpful topic to help you explore more. But first, Have you decided to try recording audio in windows, for the first time? Or are you an adept user and want to upgrade your experience with new free software? Here we have researched and compared the Top 5 best free voice recording software for windows to help you find an ideal fit for your specific needs.

Have you tackled numerous trial versions and received nothing close to the bang for the buck you expected? Or are you simply looking to save some money? In either case, there is plenty of free voice recording software that can get your job done with the most satisfying results and without emptying your wallet. A word of caution, though; some may urge a paid upgrade after you have already downloaded a “free” tool. So, let’s take a look at the Top 5 best free voice recording software for windows.

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List of Top 5 Best Free Voice Recording Software for Windows

All the windows users, here are the applications that should be tried to serve your meaningful purpose. In the following contents, I have tried my best to keep the list short yet informative All the applications being given here are suggested and reviewed by online readers like you and geeks like you. So let’s roll the scroll down.

Audacitybest voice recording software for windows

Audacity has gone on to become one of the most popular pieces of free software around, and for good reason. Compared to other notable DAWs such as ProTools and Sound Forge, Audacity’s layout is very minimalist. There are toolbars for navigating a track, editing it, and mixing. When tracks are fully loaded, they will appear as waveforms, thus the user can edit specific sections of a track simply by highlighting the appropriate section of the waveform.

It gives its users a wide range of options for recording and editing audio which are all related to a simple interface. Perhaps most importantly, unlike many other free programs, Audacity is not “free for a limited time” or “free with many features locked.” Everything Audacity has to offer is free of charge.

In this software navigating the interface is easy, but it may take time for new users to figure out what every specific tool does. As far as editing goes, the free software Audacity offers a surprisingly good set of tools that works magnificently. Users can adjust pitch, bass, and treble, or normalize noise and add effects like reverb and phasing. Audacity even has some tools for analyzing tracks, including frequency analysis.

Windows Voice Recorderbest voice recording software for windows

Packed by default with Windows 10, the Windows Voice Recorder features a super simple UI – one big button to start recording, a timer that shows you how long you have recorded and a stop button. One thing that makes it unique is the feature that lets you mark important moments while recording – so you can mark an important point in your recording, for reference at a later point.

Voice Record lets you record any audio from your microphone, and conveniently save it to a local folder. The interface is simple, just like the Windows Voice Recorder, but offers more functionality in terms of flexibility. You can also upload your voice recordings straight to Microsoft’s OneDrive directly from the app, however, it does have ads, but you can remove them by buying the Pro version.

REAPERbest voice recording software for windows

REAPER (Rapid Environment for Audio Prototyping and Efficient Recording).

It is an extremely capable piece of software available for free but , REAPER software also features a steep learning curve when compared to applications such as Audacity. Because of this, it encourages users to use the product for free before paying for the license, so users can acquaint themselves with the program’s capabilities and workflow. REAPER allows the customization of practically everything, you can adjust even the shape and color of the programs including the controls themselves.

It also comes with hundreds of native instruments and allows for the integration of VST plugins, along with the rewiring of applications and just about every other third-party programs. It features its own programming environment in which the users can script, debug, and compile their own plugins by using a variety of computing languages. REAPER is an extremely versatile application that’s available for both Windows and Mac OS X users, for free. Keep in mind that Reaper is only free for 60 days, however, and will require a $60 purchase thereafter.

Wavosaurbest voice recording software for windows

Wavosaur might not have as many features as the complicated software like Studio One do, but it has one thing going for it that others do not have: portability.

There are two versions of Wavosaur, one that you can install and another that is portable – which is also only 3.18 MB. You can quite literally simply keep a portable version on your USB stick and use it on any PC you like anytime. Wavosaur also supports a huge range of audio formats, including VST files. It might lack the fancy features that other more complicated software have, but it is a good piece of software you simply want to get something done quick and easy.

VirtualDJbest voice recording software for windows

Those looking for an intuitive way to record and mix audio should enjoy the free version of VirtualDJ, which provides users with an easy-to-use interface in which to tweak audio. The first thing new users might notice when launching VirtualDJ is that the interface is modeled after a traditional DJ table. There are two simple decks to load tracks onto, and very simple numerous dials and sliders for adjusting pitch, volume, and other audio aspects. There are even two “records” that users can scratch and spin if they please. Tracks are displayed as overlapping waveforms at the top of the screen, which allows users to line up two different tracks at precise intervals.

Users coming to VirtualDJ for musical purposes will also find an array of effects to use, including reverb and flanging. The program also allows users to splice samples into their songs; the default samples — which include an air raid siren and a person saying “pump it up!” — are kind of dull, but what is really nice about the program is the ability to create your own samples. The process is straightforward thanks to VirtualDJ’s readable interface, so if you wanted to cut out the chorus of Taking On Me and speed it up alongside a hip-hop beat, for example, you could to do in a matter of some minutes.

Of course, VirtualDJ is hardly perfect. The built-in effects are basic, and the options for editing audio are limited, so users who really experiment with audio will probably want to look elsewhere. Still, with its very intuitive interface, VirtualDJ is a great tool for aspiring musicians looking to dip their toes into mixing and editing.

In Conclusion

Hope you liked reading these Top 5 best free voice recording software for windows. These were some of the best audio Editing software available for free. Some are complicated and suited for an extremely professional environment while the others are simpler and can be used for simpler things like your weekly podcast. Some don’t even do anything except to record your voice and save it in a file. Thank you again, for reading Top 5 best free voice recording software for windows and please keep visiting keep commenting. I’ll be posting more, so stay tuned for more. See you all soon.


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