Topdon TC002: An ultra-clear thermal imaging camera for iOS

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Topdon TC002 thermal imaging camera in person's hands

Credit: Topdon

If you're a technician, electrician, building inspector, or just need access to an infrared thermal imaging camera, the Topdon TC002 Thermal Camera for iOS is an ingenious smart device that can help with that, providing pro-level temperature readings at an effective distance of 16.4 feet. It offers a number of customization options, so you can easily read temperature differences at a glance, and its compact size makes it simple to take with you on the go.

Thermal imaging for your smartphone

Offering an extensive testing range (from 4 degrees to 1,022 degrees Fahrenheit) and with 40mk thermal sensitivity, the Topdon TC002 Thermal Camera is capable of detecting temperature with extreme accuracy. With it, you can manually select three analysis dimensions — Point, Line, and Surface — to take pinpoint accurate temperature readings. And with the ability to add up to three areas per dimension, you can monitor the temperature in nine different areas simultaneously. By setting your upper and lower temperature limits, you can choose from 11 different color palettes to customize your temperature displays.

The TC002 has a 256 x 192 ultra-high resolution with fully adjustable image contrast and sharpness, providing exceptional clarity. And its 25Hz refresh rate means you won't experience the flickering that's sometimes associated with other thermal cameras. You'll get perfectly smooth images to help you get the job done efficiently and without causing any strain on your eyes. And by using the innovative picture-in-picture mode, the TC002 can combine the infrared image with a visible image taken by your smartphone to allow you to identify what you're seeing on screen and quickly zero in on the source of the fault or issue.

You may also record continuous thermal readings of a given area, and then store the data in the TC002 app to provide the average temperature readings over some time. This data can then be used to generate a waveform graph to display the highs and lows and to provide a more comprehensive analysis of that area. This feature is especially useful for electrical inspections, electrical power monitoring, boiler inspections, and anywhere you're likely to experience temperature differentials over time.

Best of all, the Topdon TC002 Thermal Camera measures 2.8 x 1.65 x 0.55 inches and weighs a mere 1.05 ounces, making it easy to transport. It comes complete with a carry bag, cleaning cloth, quick start user guide, and adapter cable. And thanks to a low 0.35W power consumption, it can provide up to eight hours of continuous use for iPhone and up to 10 hours for iPad.

In addition, Topdon provides a reliable 24/7 hotline service to offer professional support whenever it may be needed, to ensure you're getting the very best from your TC002.

Why choose the Topdon TC002 Thermal Camera?

With a host of intuitive, customizable features, the Topdon TC002 Thermal Camera provides everything you need from a thermal imaging camera. It provides stunning quality thermal images with the convenience of a device that's small enough to be tucked away in your pocket.

The TC002 is the perfect smart device for industry professionals, making it easy to safeguard every work site with comprehensive detail. With an unbeatable combination of crystal clear recognition and absolute precision, the Topdon TC002 Thermal Camera will quickly make itself indispensable for temperature reading and monitoring. You'll wonder how you ever managed without one!