Ay: Ağustos 2016

Tamamen Linux'ta Fare Acceleration Nasıl sakatlar

Some desktop environments don't provide a way to change the mouse acceleration (GNOME and Unity for instance), ve hatta yapmak olanlar için (Tarçın gibi), you can't completely turn it off. Here's how to completely disable mouse acceleration in Linux (for Xorg). Devre dışı bırakılması, fare ivmesi…

Turtl: Güvenli, Açık Kaynak Evernote Alternatif

Turtl is a secure, open source Evernote alternative, Linux için kullanılabilir, , Windows, Mac, Android. An iOS version is "coming soon". Firefox ve Chrome Bookmarking uzantıları da mevcuttur. Uygulama, beta anda hangi, lets you keep your notes (with Markdown support for the

WSUS Offline - Update thy Windows

Son günlerde, I have begun exploring alternative tools to Windows Update, in order to help solve the issue of slow updates. My quest took me down the shadowy path of several official patches, which had not yielded the desired results - more to come on this

AppImage - One app framework to distro them all

Linux is highly portable. Fact. Diğer yandan, Linux software is the least portable technology in the world. Try running Firefox designed for Debian on Fedora. Aslında, try running Firefox designed for one version of Fedora on another Fedora, perhaps a slightly older version.

Python vs. C/C++ in embedded systems

The C/C++ programming languages dominate embedded systems programming, though they have a number of disadvantages. Python, diğer yandan, has many strengths that make it a great language for embedded systems. Let's look at the pros and cons of each, and why you should consider

Free education resources from Curriki and Sankoré wikis

From the days of Gutenberg, technology has been linked to education. Curriki and Sankoré use open source to bring high-quality education to people who need it, and otherwise cannot access it. The original wikis The first documented event where technology became an integrated part of what

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