Ay: Aralık 2017

How to Restart Application Information Service in Windows 10?

  The application information service in Windows 7,8.1 ve 10 is a service that enables the operating system to provide certain applications the elevated (administrative) privileges so that the apps can be installed. The purpose of this service is to facilitate the running of interactive applications

iPhone X Problems And Their Fixes

The iPhone X has been launched about two weeks ago, and as more people get their hands on the hardware, plenty of issues have been discovered with the Apple’s new flagship device. From small issues that can be easily fixed to the bigger ones that will

How To Customize The Drop Shadow In Windows 10?

  , Windows 10, as we know, have beautiful user interface, which is getting polished with every new update. Windows 10, the windows have a drop shadow. This is nothing but an enhancement to the look of the user interface. The drop shadow is one such

How to Enable or Disable Credential Guard in Windows 10?

  Credential Guard is a feature that uses virtualization-based security to separate certain secrets so as to make them accessible to only privileged system software. The secrets are always suceptible to cyber threats owing to the increasing degree of hacking. Hence unauthorized access is deleterious to

How to Reinstall and Re-Register Cortana in Windows 10?

  Cortana needs no introduction now. It is the cloud based artificial intelligence assistant. Cortana made its inception with Windows Phone 8.1 and now it is there in all advanced Windows and Windows Phone versions. The popularity of Cortana soared high because of its highly intuitive

Yeni iPhone iPhone Veri Transferi için 8/8 Artı?

  Nowadays people don’t want to remain content with a single smartphone for long. They not only change their handsets, but also change the ecosystem. As long as you are changing the handsets, there is not much hazard to deal with. But if you are moving

pycharm 2017.3.2 Yayınlandı! Ubuntu kurun Nasıl

Jetbrains announced the release of its Python IDE, pycharm 2017.3.2, a day ago. Here’s how you can install it in Ubuntu 16.04 Ve daha yüksek. Changes in PyCharm 2017.3.2 include: Type annotation ahead of time. You can’t put an inline type annotation when defining a variable in

How to Set Up Private DNS Servers with BIND on Ubuntu 16.04

  How to Set Up Private DNS Servers with BIND on Ubuntu 16.04. BIND (Berkeley Internet Name Domain) is the most used DNS software over the Internet. The BIND package is available for all Linux distributions, which makes the installation simple and straightforward. In today’s article

Vivaldi Tarayıcı 1.13 Released with Improvements

Vivaldi browser has reached the new stable 1.13 release with improvements to download and tabs functionality. Vivaldi Tarayıcı 1.13 features: Warning dialog if a download is incomplete Ability to pause and resume downloads Download speed displayed in the progress bar Window Panel and tree-style tabs functionality

How to Install MPV 0.28.0 Ubuntu 18.04, 16.04

MPV media player reached the 0.28.0 release a few days ago. Here’s how to install it via PPA in Ubuntu 18.04, Ubuntu 16.04. MPV 0.28.0 requires FFmpeg 3.4 and features initial d3d11 and vulkan support. Other changes include: Add DRM_PRIME Format Handling and Display for RockChip

Apples Issues Updated Statement On Battery Ageing

Following the attention that Apple had gotten over the past few weeks regarding the discovery of mechanisms that reduce CPU frequency on devices with aged batteries, Apple has now issued a more comprehensive statement and apology addressing the matter: First and foremost, we have never —