AMD, CTS-Labs Exploits'i Onayladı: Haftalar Boyunca Yamalı

If you have been following our coverage regarding the recent security issues found in AMD’s processors and chipsets by security research firm CTS-Labs, it has been a bit of a doozy. Today AMD is posting on their website, in the form of a blog post, the results from their initial analysis, despite CTS-Labs only giving

Toshiba, KumoScale NVMe'yi Kumaş Yazılımı Üzerinden Duyurdu

Today, Toshiba is launching a new software solution for pooling NVMe-based storage in a datacenter environment. The new KumoScale software implements the NVMe over Fabrics protocol (NVMeoF) and allows storage to be access over the network with less than 20µs of added latency compared to NVMe SSDs directly attached to the local system. KumoScale provides

Microsoft Excel'de Yinelenen Değerleri Bulma ve Silme

This tutorial teaches you how to find duplicates in MS Excel and how to delete duplicate values in MS Excel. An easy way to find duplicate rows in Microsoft Excel and remove duplicates in MS Excel. How to find duplicates in MS Excel 1. Select the cell range with data. To select, click the top

Apple Gelecek Cihazlar için Kendi MicroLED Ekranlarını Geliştiriyor

Apple Developing Its Own MicroLED Displays for Future Devices Apple has a secret manufacturing facility in Santa Clara, California, where it is designing and producing test samples of its own displays, reports Bloomberg. The company is reportedly using MicroLED technology in an effort to replace Samsung’s OLED displays in future devices. Apple’s MicroLED facility in

Windows 10 ARM: Bu konuda bilmeniz gereken her şey

Microsoft earlier bought Windows operating system to ARM-based devices with Windows RT for x32 ARM Processors. Windows RT was first announced at CES 2011 and was released as a mobile operating system along with Windows 8 in October 2012. It was designed to come preinstalled with hardware from specific OEMs. Microsoft’s first Surface Tablet

Windows 10 Başlat Menüsü ve Görev Çubuğu'nu özelleştirmek için kılavuz

Masaüstü, Başlat Menüsü ve Görev Çubuğu, özellikle üretkenlik söz konusu olduğunda Windows 10 özelleştirmesinin önemli yönleridir. Windows 10 Masaüstü Arkaplanını, Renk, Loock ekranını ve Temaları nasıl güzelce özelleştirebileceğinizi konuştuk. Bu yazıda, Başlat Menüsü ve Görev Çubuğu olmak üzere iki özelliğin geri kalanına bakıyoruz.

Blockchain, telekomlar arasındaki ödeme hızını artırabilir

Colt and PCCW Global, the international division of Hong Kong Telecom (HKT), claim to have developed a Blockchain system that can dramatically reduce the time it takes to settle payments between telecoms operators. Blockchain is the ‘tamper-proof’ decentralised ledger technology used to power the Bitcoin cryptocurrency and there has been plenty of interest from the