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Snapchat's new creative tools: All you need to know

On May 9th, Snapchat announced that a pretty significant update was on its way, changing the nature of how users send snaps and adding powerful new creative tools to combat Instagram Stories’ latest gamut of features. The toolkit where these new features reside is also being

Polo Is An Interesting New GTK3 File Manager (Beta)

Developed by Tony George, who's also behind other fairly popular applications such as Selene Media Converter, TimeShift backup tool, ve dahası, Polo is only available for users who donate for now. The stable release will be available for all users, ancak, those who donate will get

Üst 5 Windows için Torrent istemcileri 10

  Biz Windows için en iyi Torrent bazı müşteriler bakmak önce 10, Bize Torrent'ler ne anlayalım. Torrent dosyaları mümkün kılan BitTorrent protokolü üzerinden verimli büyük dosyaları indirirken bu küçük dosyalardır. Bu küçük dosyalar hakkında bilgi içeren…

Intel dokuz yaşındaki kurumsal CPU zayıf noktayı onarıyor

Intel has just patched a vulnerability which has been open and exploitable in all its enterprise targeted Core processors - Son dokuz yıldır. Dan beri 2008 Intel's business-focussed PC processors have shipped with Active Management Technology (AMT), Intel Standard Manageability (ISM) and Small Business Technology

Acer Av Triton 700: gaming laptop "without compromise"

Acer held its next@acer global press event in New York yesterday and launched oodles of tech products. Among the new and refreshed goodies were Predator gaming laptops and monitors, Swift slim and light laptops, Switch convertibles, Aspire laptops, Aspire AiOs, the Leap Ware smartwatch, 4K projectors,

, Windows 10 Creators Update Explained

  No doubt you will be aware that the next major Windows 10 güncelleştirme, dubbed “Creators Update” is due to start rolling out from April 11th. I have wondered about the significance of the name “Creators Update” and, following a a little research, discovered that Microsoft

Ubuntu 17.10 Release Date and Features

Brief: This is a continually updated article to tell you about Ubuntu 17.10 sürüm takvimi, Ubuntu 17.10 features and other news associated with it. merak durdurun! Ubuntu 17.10 kod adı dolaylı olarak ortaya çıkıyor. Bu Artful Aardvark'ın adı verilecek. Çoğu Ubuntu kullanıcıları, hepsi değilse, know the

Windows Application Development possible with Visual Studio 2017

  The latest and updated Visual Studio 2017 is here and it is the most powerful Windows application development platform ever. As Visual Studio team mentions on its blogs, Görsel stüdyo 2017 brings unparalleled productivity improvements, a streamlined acquisition experience, and enhanced debugging tools for Universal

Pencereler 10 Yaratıcıları Güncelleme Geldi

, Windows 10 Temmuz ayında başlatılan 2015, and on April 11, 2017, Microsoft released the third major update to their latest operating system. First announced in October with the Surface Studio, Microsoft has dubbed the latest update the Creators Update. Officially it is Windows 10 version 1703,

Windows üzerinde Cortana yeni özellikler 10 v1703

  Microsoft Windows için başka avantaj sağladı 10 with new features and enhancements, dubbed the Windows 10 Yaratıcıları Güncelleme. With major upgradations to Cortana and Windows Ink, new 3D apps, VR capabilities, an e-book reader, new gaming features and better security settings, versiyon 1703 is geared

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