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Nemo Ubuntu On Yöneticisi Dosya Yükleme 17.04 Sistemler

Ubuntu üzerinde Nemo dosya yöneticisi yükleyin 17.04 Sistemler. Birlik yamalı Nemo dosya yöneticisi (tarçın-çeviriler dışında hiçbir Tarçın bağımlılıkları). Nemo en çarpıcı özelliklerinden biri için “root olarak Aç” ve “Terminalde Aç” yeteneğidir. En iyisi, bir “yükseltilmiş ayrıcalık” görüntüler…

# [PC olmadan] Android Mobile Root Nasıl

hellow guys todays i am presnting here how to root any android mobile without using any pc by this method you can easily root any android smartphone by following small guide. Lets discuss all the steps to root android smartphone. How To Root Android Smartphone Without

Nasıl yüklenir ve CentOS üzerinde MySQL Cluster yapılandırma 7

Nasıl yüklenir ve CentOS üzerinde MySQL Cluster yapılandırma 7 MySQL Cluster is designed to provide a MySQL compatible database with high availability and low latency. The MySQL Cluster technology is implemented through the NDB (Network DataBase) and NDBCLUSTER storage engines and provides shared-nothing clustering and

Nasıl Proxmox VE yapılandırma 4 Çoklu Düğüm Kümesi

Nasıl Proxmox VE yapılandırma 4 Çoklu Düğüm Kümesi Proxmox VE 4 supports the installation of clusters and the central management of multiple Proxmox servers. You can manage multiple Proxmox servers from one web management console. This feature is really handy when you have a

CentOS üzerinde Mumble Sunucusu yükleme nasıl 7

CentOS üzerinde Mumble Sunucusu yükleme nasıl 7 Mumble is a free application primarily intended for use by gamers which allows users to talk to each other while gaming. Mumble uses a client-server architecture which consists of a client program that consumes services provided by

Debian üzerinde osCommerce yükleyin 8

Imagine a situation in which you have a great product to sell and an already planned marketing campaign, but the one thing missing is an eCommerce website to sell your product from. Of course you’ve made your due diligence and instead of being clear on which

Ubuntu Agora Projesi yükleyin 14.04

Bu eğitimde, we will show you how to install Agora Project on an Ubuntu 14.04 VPS with Apache, PHP and MySQL installed on it. Agora Project is an open source and user friendly groupware based on PHP and MySQL which allow users to create their

Solus Of İnceleme 1.1

GİRİŞ I. kez denilen SolusOS geri başka bir Linux dağıtımı değerlendirilmiş 2013. That distribution was based on Debian and used the GNOME 2 desktop environment. As with many smaller distributions it showed a lot of promise but ultimately disappeared never to be seen again. There is now

GRUB İstemiyle GNU / Linux Elle Açılımı

This is a recovery tutorial about using GRUB prompt to boot an operating system inside a hard disk drive. GRUB prompt is a program appearing at screen with black and white color, while a normal GRUB bootloader failed to be installed. GRUB prompt is similar to

Fix Nasıl 403 WordPress Yasak hatası

Are you dealing with the 403 Forbidden error on your WordPress site? It is one of the most dreadful errors that a WordPress beginner can come across. Bu makalede, we will show you how to easily fix the 403 forbidden error in WordPress. What is

Çift Komutanı Ubuntu On Yöneticisi Dosya Yükleme, PPA Via

Linux Ubuntu Sistemleri için Çift Komutanı dosya yöneticisi. Install Double Commander file manager on Ubuntu, via PPA – on Ubuntu 15.04, Ubuntu 14.04 ve Ubuntu Türevleri. Double Commander (DoubleCMD) is a cross platform open source file manager for Linux Ubuntu. It comes with two panels side