'Clash Royale' Güncellemesi, Mega Knight, Cannon Cart ve daha fazlası dahil olmak üzere yeni kartlar getiriyor: Tüm June Update ayrıntılarını buradan öğrenin

Supercell has just dropped its June 2017 Clash Royale update and with it come exciting new cards like the Mega Knight, Skeleton Barrel and more. Find out everything that’s changed in the latest update, here. After a weekend of teasers, Supercell released its latest Clash Royale update early Monday morning. The update brings not only

17 Yamasını Göster 1.08: Yeni Güncelleme Çevrimiçi Oyun ve Haftanın Zorluğuna Odaklanıyor

This week saw another patch for MLB The Show 17. This patch focuses mostly on online play, as opposed to previous patches which encompassed many different areas. One of the major fixes that Patch 1.08 addresses is the soft hangs during online matchups. After playing a few online games, these “hangs” usually occur at the

Amazon Fire HD8 (2017) İnceleme: Harika bir aile tabletinin küçük bir güncellemesi

The Good Affordable Fast Prime content access Parental controls Decent battery life The Bad Budget display Basic performance Amazon has updated its Fire HD8 tablet for 2017, offering better specs, the Alexa assistant and all of the Prime services in one device. Here’s our full review of the upgraded Fire HD8 tablet. Amazon has been

GTA Online Gunrunning Güncelleme: DLC İndirme İçin Ne Zaman Mevcut Olacak?

Rockstar’s highly anticipated GTA Online Gunrunning DLC finally arrives on June 12. The new update brings a brand-new underground industry of gun trafficking. In order to turn the gig into an empire to be reckoned with, players will get to outfit their operation with major facilities like a subterranean bunker and a Mobile Operations Center

Pokémon Go son güncellemesi: Yeni Gündönümü Etkinlik güncellemesi özellikleri ve Pokémon Go Fest

Pokémon Go has been updated countless times since it first launched back in summer 2016, adding dozens of new Pokémon to collect, new customisation options and changing up the game mechanics. Here’s all you need to know about the latest Pokémon Go Adventure Week celebration update, as well as every previous update to this addictive

AirPods iOS 11 Güncellemesi: Kulaklıklar Apple TV ile Otomatik Olarak Senkronize Edilecek TVOS 11, Artı

AirPods yakında Apple TV ile otomatik olarak senkronize edilecek, cihazın yaklaşan güncellemesiyle, 11to9Mac tarafından bildirilen TVOS 5 geliştirici beta şovları bildirildi. Kablosuz kulaklıklar şu anda iPad, Apple Watch ve iCloud aracılığıyla Mac'ler dahil olmak üzere diğer eşleştirilmiş Apple cihazlarıyla senkronize oluyor. Apple TV, iCloud senkronizasyon kurulumundan çıkarılmıştı. Oku: Siri vs Alexa vs.

'Mass Effect: Andromeda' Güncellemesi 1.08 Yama Notları: Jaal'ın Cinsellik Şimdi Esnek

Mass Effect: Andromeda’s latest patch has released, and it includes a bunch of bug fixes and other tweaks. However, the biggest news is that this update allows a male Ryder to romance Jaal. There have also been changes in the dialogue for the character Hainly Abrams. Additionally, the character creator has expanded again. Expanded options

'Minecraft' Güncellemesi 1.12, Mojang'ın Sandbox'ına 'Renk Dünyası' Getiriyor

The long-awaited 12th post-launch patch for Minecraft is finally ready for consumption, Mojang announced on Wednesday morning, and the latest build of the ultra-popular sandbox game can be downloaded directly from the Minecraft launcher. The changes in this week’s patch aren’t as substantial as we’ve seen in previous updates; however, we suspect there will be

Samsung Galaxy S8, S8 + T-Mobile Üzerine Yazılım Güncelleme, Sprint Android Güvenlik Ekibini Getirebilir

T-Mobile, Sprint Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus devices started receiving official software update, according to a screenshot of the change log posted by Phone Arena on its website Wednesday. The update includes updates for Bixby, improving stability for SD cards as well as a May Android security update. Read: Samsung Galaxy S8 Review: 2017

'GTA Online' Gunrunning Güncelleme Haziran 13 Geldi: Rockstar Yeraltı Sığınağı, Mobil Operasyon Merkezi Ve Daha Fazlasını Açıkladı

You want to make real money? Work hard, get a degree, and pursue an honest career, said no GTA Online DLC ever. Via Rockstar Newswire, the next GTA Online Gunrunning update officially arrives on Tuesday, June 13, for PS4, Xbox One and PC. Last week, Rockstar shared some new screenshots, but today we finally get

Windows 10 Mobile Insider Önizleme İndirme 15210 İndirme İçin Kullanılabilir

Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview Build 15210 Available for Download UPDATED on May 04, 2017: Release of Windows 10 Insider Preview build 15210 for mobiles. NOTE: These are testing builds of Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview officially released by Microsoft. These builds are under development and testing phase and may contain bugs, issues and other

Android Wear 2.0, Huawei Watch'un Beta kullanıcılarına yayılıyor

HuaweiXCHARXs first Android Wear smartwatch is still a great smartwatch today. Released in 2015, its looks still hold up today (better than the Huawei Watch 2 in our opinion). So you can understand why so many folks are patiently waiting for the new Android Wear 2.0 update. The Huawei Watch is now getting the AW

Windows 4020001 4020002 için KB10 ve KB1703 yayımlandı

KB4020001 and KB4020002 are two new updates for Windows 10 version 1703 (Creators Update) that Microsoft released today. These two updates are released on Microsoft’s Update Catalog website right now, and will not be made available through Windows Update. Both updates are listed as compatibility updates for Windows 10 Version 1703. Note: To make this

Corebird Heyecan App Güncelleme Yeni Özellikler Bir Avuç Getiriyor

An update to desktop Linux Twitter app Corebird is available for download. Corebird 1.5 features with a modest set of improvements, including a redesigned account wizard and the ability to quickly save media attachments in tweets using right-click > “Save As”. The update also sees the app keep pace with recent Twitter API changes, so

NVIDIA 382.05 WHQL Oyunu Hazır Sürücüsünü Piyasaya Sundu

We’ve reached a new month, which brings new games that NVIDIA is always happy to prepare for. This week they have released another iteration for release 381 of their GeForce driver. While less feature-packed than some of the recent driver updates, with no new tech being in these updates, there is a slight slant toward