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Windows'da çalışmıyor Arka Plan Akıllı Aktarım Hizmeti 10

If Background Intelligent Transfer Service is missing, bozuk, koşmak yok, Başlangıç ​​veya Windows içinde durdurmuyor 10, use this BITS Troubleshooter to fix the problem. Aynı zamanda bulmak ve Windows üzerinde çalışmasını arka plan indirmeleri engelleyebilir sorunları çözecektir 10 computer.

Box announces new Windows desktop app Box Drive

Kutu, a leading cloud storage provider, announced Box Drive app for Windows. Box Drive app connects your desktop and the cloud just like OneDrive. All your files stored in Box cloud will appear in Windows Explorer as regular files and you can stream them directly to

Microsoft Claims Windows 10 S A Ransomware Free Windows System

In a white paper “Next-gen ransomware protection with Windows 10 Creators Update” that provides a deeper level of the technical details on the ransomware protection in Windows 10 Yaratıcıları Güncelleme, Microsoft claims that By allowing only verified apps to run, , Windows 10 S protects devices against

How To Enable Password Expiration In Windows 10

, Windows 10 lets you create a local user account, or use your Microsoft account. The local account, while perfectly functional, prevents you from using some Windows 10 Özellikler. The Microsoft account on the other hand gives you full access to all Windows 10 Özellikler. Yapabilirsin…

Windows Media Player bir ses kaydı seçin Nasıl

Eğer Filmler Windows Media Player'ı karşılaştırırsanız & TV app in Windows 10, WMP comes out on top. Both apps have some great features but neither is a complete package. Örneğin, the Movies & TV app lets you load external subtitle files and

How To Get Windows To Chime On The Hour

Alarms and reminders a good way to keep track of something you need to do. When you’re swamped with work, these alarms and reminders are sometimes the only way to keep track of an approaching deadline. You can set alarms to recur every hour on your

How To Fix Missing Desktop Icons On Windows

Have you ever copied files or folders to your desktop only to end up with invisible file icons? If you open Desktop in File Explorer, the files are right there. If you go to the desktop though, they’re nowhere to be found. This is a problem

How To Merge All Firefox Windows Into One

It’s hard to imagine life without tabbed browsing. Before Chrome and Firefox made tabbed browsing a mainstream feature, users had to open multiple windows. This not only took a huge toll on system resources but the many windows were hard to manage. With tabbed browsing, kullanıcılar…

How to map OneDrive as Network Drive in Windows 10

OneDrive has become one of the most popular cloud service available. With its seamless integration with Windows devices, and other platforms as well. The service has seen a tremendous rise in active users. While the plans offer you 5 GB for free as you sign

Opera 45 Released with Built-in Facebook Messenger, Naber

Opera 45, codenamed Reborn, bugün erken saatlerde serbest bırakıldı. The new release features built-in social messengers: Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Telegram. Simply click a social icon on left sidebar, you can open the social messenger in overlay or pin it side-by-side with your current tab. Eğer sen…

Microsoft Windows 10'in salma lingo değişiklik çizer

Microsoft, kendi Windows adlandırma değişecek 10 release model in September, dropping terms used since the operating system's debut and substituting names that sync with Office 365. In an online Q&A Thursday about "Windows as a service," Microsoft's concept of an ever-evolving, ever-updating OS,

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