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How to Track Your Lost Android Phone – 3 Easiest Ways

Well, we all know how Android gadgets are important in your life. Owning an Android gadget is easy but protecting our gadget from stolen is Difficult. As we already know, there are still many thieves who’re still looking to Stole some new gadgets. This includes your Android phones too. In case your Android device was misplaced or stolen then you can try below listed 3 Ways to Track your lost android phone. Well, these 3 ways are almost easy to Track your stolen android phone Just you have to follow the instructions carefully.

Tracking a Lost/Misplaced android device is not easy though. But Still you can give it a try to Track your Lost android phone. Below We have listed all 3 Ways for how to Track your lost android phone You can try Each method one by one. Some Methods is also Based on Android applications. Like Android lost or Other modded applications like Spotify premium app etc. Mostly Peoples get their Stolen Devices using this. So you can also give it a try to your luck.

How To Track Lost Android Phone OR Tablet After Lost OR Stolen

Well as already explained in above part of this article. Tracking a lost android device is not an easy task. You have to do a lot of hard work there. Still, below listed methods may try to help you in all possible ways. Means to say you can try your luck by using below listed methods to Track your lost android phone. These methods are working and fully verified by us.

3 Best Methods To Track Lost Android Phone

Now we are at our main part of this article. Now you can see our Below listed methods which were working Absolutely great if you use them properly.

  • Track Lost Android Device Using IMEI.
  • Track Your Lost android Device using Gmail Account.
  • Track lost Android Device Using Android Lost App.

How to Track Lost Android phone Using IMEI Numbertrack lost android phone using IMEI

Well! Each and every Android device carries an IMEI Number with it. Which you can locate on the backside of your Android device. Or if your device is Turned on then you can also Get your device IMEI Number by dialing *#06# from your device. Just you have to do is Copy your IMEI number and Save it in your pc or any safe place. So, later if your device is misplaced or stolen. This IMEI number can help you to Locate it. You can try Below method to Locate your android Device using IMEI.

How to locate android Device using IMEI Number?

  • If your device has been stolen or misplaced just File a Simple F.I.R Complain Along with your IMEI Number of device.
  • Then Your Service provider will use this IMEI number and Track Lost android Phone.
  • No matter if they changed SIM They can also track without your SIM.
  • And when your Device It’s Traced you can able to say your service provider to block it.

How To Track Lost Android Phone Using Gmail Account

Gmail Which was also known as Best email Client. Have you ever thought? Your Gmail account can help you to Track your lost android phone. Mostly in android device some applications needs Gmail account access like Google Play store. Then we are creating an account and adding to them. Well, That Gmail account can help you track your device real time Location. But only in some conditions like –

  1. Make sure your phone internet connection was on.
  2. Make sure you have turned your device GPS On.
  3. Make sure your Device is not switched off.
  4. Make sure your Gmail account was Login in your device.

Moreover, If these above given Conditions are Ok. Then you can Follow below steps to Locate your android device using your Gmail account.

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How to locate Android device using Gmail?

  • Well! Hope you checked above 4 Conditions which you need to Track Your device using your Google account.
  • If Yes, Then Firstly Go to Google.com.
  • Then There Search this Term in Google “Find My Phone”.trace lost android phone
  • Then click on get Started there.
  • Then you have to choose your device in which your Google account was logged in.trace lost android phone 2
  • Select your lost/misplaced device from there and get the real-time location of your device.

How To Track Android Phone OR Tablet Using Android lost apptrace lost android phone using lost android phone

Android lost the popular application which works great to get access of your android device remotely. Meanwhile, you can get access of your android device remotely and you can use your device from anywhere. If your device got stolen or misplaced then if you have internet connection in your mobile then you can use this application to track your lost android phone. But you need to assure that you have below conditions like –

  1. Your Google account should log in your device.
  2. Internet connection must active in your device. (If not then make sure you have previously installed android lost application.)
  3. Your Device Must is switched on.trac lost android phone

How To track your lost android phone using android Lost?

  • At first, make sure your Google account was logged in your device and internet connection must be on.
  • If Yes! Then first install android lost application remotely from Play store.
  • Then after install activate it by sending one message to your phone.
  • Then Sign in your Gmail account on Android Lost and then you can able to access all controls from Android lost.

Like – Tracking location, Getting last call details, getting message details, put the alarm, get video or photo.

Final Words

So this was our article which is related To Android Tips and Tricks. In This article, we have mentioned the detailed information about how to track your lost android phone using 3 Best methods. In these methods, we have added easy steps to navigate the exact process of tracking an Android device. Above Methods is for those who’s Devices are stolen or misplaced. But we are advising you Take care of your device don’t ever give a chance to anyone.

Well! we are not sure these above listed methods will work for you or not but you can give it try. Maybe one of the methods can trace your device and you will get your device back to your hand. Hope you liked it. If you have any suggestions or Facing problem feel free to comment. We will try our best to resolve your problem. At Last, Thanks for reading our article keep visiting for more.

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