Truecaller brings Call Reason support, letting callers state their intention when calling


Caller ID has been one of the most crucial features that users desire on their smartphones. The demand has inspired Google as well as other smartphone manufacturers to pre-build a caller ID system in their dialer apps, especially to restrict scammers and spam calls. With the COVID-19 pandemic disrupting how we operate and communicate, and increasing our dependency on modes of virtual communications, especially calls, this kind of filtering has become essential. Truecaller, one of the most popular caller ID app on Android and iOS devices for several years, is now adding a feature that will help callers add a reason for their call while allowing receivers to judge whether to pick the call at the moment or not.

Truecaller adds the extra step for callers using their app as the default dialer to set a “Call Reason” before getting on the call. Users can choose from a set of default messages curated from their previous messages or create new messages. The receiver of the call will be able to see this message and decide whether the call is relevant or not.

truecaller call reason message when you call
truecaller call reason message received in caller id

To be able to see the message, the receiver must have Truecaller installed and set up on their device even though they would not need to set it as the default dialer app. The company also claims the messages are encrypted and not visible to them but, they have AI algorithms to filter out objectionable messages.

Truecaller hopes that specifying the reason for the call will increase the call pickup rate for callers. In reality, it might also allow users to avoid more calls While the feature is currently going live for users, Truecaller plans to onboard businesses and show calls from them with specific badges and different color tones. These features may aid users in making a quicker decision about which calls to pick and which ones to avoid. The company will also bring integration for call center calls.

Truecaller Call Reason business

Truecaller is rolling out Call Reason today to all Android users around the world and will be pushing it for iOS users later this year. In addition to Cal Reason, Truecaller is also releasing scheduling and translation in SMSes.

sms schedule
sms google translate

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