Tusk Adds Much Needed Features to Evernote Web App

tusk evernote app main window

Tusk is a new unofficial and open-source Evernote app for Linux, Mac and Windows.

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Built using Electron, Tusk wraps the regular Evernote web app in a traditional desktop window and adds some useful new features to it, like app menus, keyboard shortcuts and optional dark themes.

Evernote Linux Apps

Evernote is used by more than 100 million people worldwide, a following so large that the service is practically a by-word for productivity!

But with no official Evernote app for Linux, Tux loving fans of the nifty note taking service tend to rely on unofficial community apps like NixNote, EverPad, NeverNote and Whatever.

There’s also the official Evernote web app, which works in any modern web browser on any modern operating system, including Linux. But this client has a few …deficiencies, including a total lack of keyboard shortcuts/navigation, a searingly bright default theme, and (obviously) is stuck inside the browser.

tusk evernote dark mode

Tusk adds optional dark themes, menus and keyboard shortcuts to Evernote Web

Tusk isan open-source Evernote app built using Electron. It takes the standard Evernote web-client and bolts on some handy desktop features, including optional dark themes and a huge set of keyboard shortcuts for managing, creating and editing notes.

And I do mean a huge set of keyboard shortcuts:

Toggle Window Menu Alt
Return to Notes Esc
Delete Note Delete
Toggle Dark Theme Cmd/Ctrl D
Toggle Focus Mode Cmd/Ctrl K
Exit Focus Mode Cmd/Ctrl O
New Note Cmd/Ctrl N
Add Shortcut Cmd/Ctrl S
Set Reminder Cmd/Ctrl E
Search Notes Cmd/Ctrl F
Bold Text Cmd/Ctrl B
Italic Text Cmd/Ctrl I
Underline Text Cmd/Ctrl U
Strikethrough Text Cmd/Ctrl T
Increase Indentation Cmd/Ctrl M
Toggle Settings Cmd/Ctrl ,
Toggle Black Theme Cmd/Ctrl Alt E
Toggle Tags Cmd/Ctrl Alt T
Toggle Notebooks Cmd/Ctrl Alt N
Align Left Cmd/Ctrl Alt L
Align Center Cmd/Ctrl Alt M
Align Right Cmd/Ctrl Alt R
New Tag Cmd/Ctrl Shift T
New Notebook Cmd/Ctrl Shift N
Toggle Checkbox Cmd/Ctrl Shift C
Code Block Cmd/Ctrl Shift L
Add Link Cmd/Ctrl Shift K
Attach File Cmd/Ctrl Shift F
Insert from Drive Cmd/Ctrl Shift D
Decrease Indentation Cmd/Ctrl Shift M
Numbered List Cmd/Ctrl Shift O
Toggle Shortcuts Cmd/Ctrl Shift S
Bulleted List Cmd/Ctrl Shift .
Subscript Text Cmd/Ctrl Shift ]
Superscript Text Cmd/Ctrl Shift [
Insert Horizontal Rule Cmd/Ctrl Shift

There’s also a distraction-free ‘focus mode’, a well proportioned ‘compact mode’, a system tray applet, and full support for navigating between notes using Ctrl + 1, Ctrl + 2, etc.

Ideal for keyboard heavy users

If you consider yourself to be content with the standard Evernote web app in a browser tab then, quite honestly, Tusk is not going to woo you. As an Electron app Tusk is not the most resource efficient option, something that becomes apparent the long it stays open.

The tray icon is currently non-optional. A shame as, on my GNOME desktop at least, it’s seriously oversized and only offers two options: focus the window and quit.

But if you long to close your browser to focus on note taking exclusively, or want to use keyboard shortcuts to navigate and manage your Evernote notes, then Tusk is a well worth considering.

Keep in mind that this app is not officially supported by the Evernote Corporation, but as the wrapper and its added extras are open-source you can file bug reports and make feature suggestions on the Tusk Github page.

Eager to try Tusk out? You can download Ubuntu/Linux, Windows and Mac installers from the following page:

Download Latest Release of Tusk