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Tutorial: How to Hide WordPress Theme Name From Source Code

Today I’m going to show you how to hide WordPress Theme name without using any plugin. WordPress is a powerful open source website development platform there are tons of themes and plugins available in WordPress and we can make any websites like business website, corporate website, E-commerce website, Photography website, Blogging website, Wedding website, News website and more.

How To Find WordPress Theme Name

Before hiding our own WordPress theme let see how to find WordPress theme of others website. There are simple steps to find others WordPress theme easily just find the below methods to know.

Method 1:

Step 1: Go to find it here.

Step 2: Enter the URL of the website which you would like to know about its wp theme.

Step 3: You can find the WordPress theme of that website and plugin used in that website easily.

Method 2:

Step 1: Visit the website which you would like know its theme.

Step 2: Click F12 button to inspect element or right click on that website and click inspect element.

Step 3: Now click Search icon or (click F2) in inspect area and find for “theme

Step 4: You can see the theme name here like this wp-content/theme/themename

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How to Hide WordPress theme Name

Step 1: open theme folder in your local computer.

Step 2: Find the file name Style.css and open and write your desired theme name. ex: Techsrollout

How to Hide WordPress theme Name

How to Hide WordPress theme Name

Step 3: Delete Theme URL, Author, Author URL, Description, Version, License URI, Version and any other link or name related to theme name in your Style.css file.

Step 4: Also delete the screenshot image from the theme folder.

How to hide wordpress theme name

How to hide WordPress theme name

Step 4: Now change the theme folder name as Techsrollout and save it

Step 5: Now compress your theme as .zip file and upload it in your website.

Note: Your Theme name must be same on theme folder name and also in style.css theme name.

That’s it all done now you can check your WordPress theme name using Inspect element bar and third party website as I given above methods.

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  1. Hi! thank you for this tutorial. I wanna know if after I doing this.. is it going to be possible to update the theme normally? How will I uptade it if the name is changed? Is it just to download the update and do these changes again?


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