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Twitter begins sharing ad revenue with creators, but it'll cost them

Twitter owner Elon Musk has revealed that starting today, creators on the platform can start earning revenue from tweets.

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Today, Elon Musk announced that creators on Twitter will be able to earn ad revenue from the platform. While this is exciting news, there is one small catch, and it's that those wanting to earn revenue will need to be enrolled in the platform's premium subscription service Twitter Blue.

If you're a creator and curious how this will work, Musk has shared that creators will earn revenue from ads that appear in their reply threads. If we take Musk's tweet at face value, that means the more engagement a tweet gets, the more ad-revenue a creator can generate. As far as Twitter Blue, you can expect to pay at the very least $8 per month, or if you're subscribing through the iOS app, pay quite a bit more at $11 per month.

You can always get a small discount if you pay for the full year up front, which will knock $1 off per month. Of course, there must be more to it than just signing up to Twitter Blue and having great engagement. Hopefully the platform will create a support page to help explain the ins and outs soon. In addition to the revenue sharing announcement, the platform also shared earlier in the week that it will begin charging access to its APIs.

The platform also killed its CoTweets feature, which hadn't even experienced a wide release. Furthermore, many users and developers were impacted over the past month, with changes to the platform's developer agreements killing off third-party Twitter clients, a font change meant to give users a better way to detect impersonators, and a new tier fo Twitter Blue that will remove ads completely. While some will stick around until the end, others have already deactivated and moved on.

Source: Elon Musk (Twitter)