Twitter is allowing select users to follow others without creating an account

Twitter is busy at work. Lately, it has been trying and rolling out plenty of new features and changes. For example, the company is testing a new list of statuses — which allows users to mention a certain activity or mood when tweeting. In the paid department, the corporation recently increased the monthly price of Twitter Blue from $2.99 to $4.99. Though, perhaps one of the most unexpected additions to the service is the ability to follow others without creating an account.

Not everyone is ready to sign up for an account the first time they try Twitter. Our team wants to give people an easy way to read tweets and experience having a timeline. It’s an experiment and still mvp. LMK if you have feedback (but you’ll need to create an account first 😉)

— Laura Burkhauser (@burkenstocks) July 28, 2022

The company is currently testing a Try Twitter feature with select users. As this feature’s name suggests, it allows eligible users to experience the service without committing to an account. Of course, the test drive comes with limitations. For example, users can’t tweet, like, retweet, or bookmark tweets. They only get to follow some accounts and view the relevant tweets in a timeline. This gives users a taste of the service to help them decide if they want to join or not.

Interestingly, those who want to try the service without an account are forced to give the company access to their locations. The app will then ask them to follow at least one account and personalize the timeline accordingly. Right now, Twitter is testing several variations of this feature with different tweaks here and there. Nonetheless, the main concept remains the same across them all. It’s unclear when and if this beta feature will expand to all users down the road.

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