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Twitter is testing a voice DMs feature following audio tweets


Twitter appears to be going all-in on audio.

Following the debut of audio tweets this past summer, Twitter is reportedly now testing letting users record and send voice messages through direct messages.

According to The Verge, Twitter plans to trial a “voice DMs” (voice direct messages) feature soon, starting in Brazil. Alex Ackerman-Greenberg, a product manager at Twitter, actually revealed the news in a voice message, saying users want more options to communicate “both publicly and privately”.

Unlike voice tweets, voice messages will be private and live entirely in your inbox. There’s an in-line recording experience. And when you receive one, you can play or pause it with a simple interface. The sender’s avatar will also pulsate as the message plays. And, yes, there’s a “report message” option.

Keep in mind several social networks, from Facebook and Instagram, already allow you to send voice DMs, so this is long overdue.

Also, when Twitter announced audio tweets in June, it faced a lot of blowback for not being inclusive and considering accessibility. It reportedly now has a full-time accessibility team paying close attention to both engineering and design, so it’ll be interesting to see if voice DMs are designed and tested with accessibility in mind.

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