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Ubuntu 17.04 Release Date, Features And More


Brief: This is a continually updated article to tell you about Ubuntu 17.04 release schedule, Ubuntu 17.04 features and other news associated with it.

Ubuntu 17.04, the upcoming release of Ubuntu Linux, has been codenamed Zesty Zapus. The release schedule of Ubuntu 17.04 is out.

Long term Ubuntu users might already be aware that 17.04 will be released in April 2017. It’s not rocket science to guess the release month at least, considering that there is a specific logic behind Ubuntu codename and version. In 17.04, 17 stands for the year 2017 and 04 stands for the month of the year (i.e. April).

While we are at it, I should also tell you about the logic behind the codename of Ubuntu releases. It’s always a two worded codename and both words start with the same letter. The first word is an adjective and the other is an endangered species or a mythical character.

So, in Ubuntu 17.04 Zesty Zapus, Zesty is an adjective meaning lively and pleasing, Zapus is a type of jumping mouse found in North America.

One more thing, the release codename is incremented alphabetically. So the current version Ubuntu 16.10 is codenamed Yakkety Yak starting with the alphabet Y while the upcoming Ubuntu 17.04 is codenamed Zesty Zapus, starting with Z. This also means that Ubuntu 17.10 codename will start with A.

Ubuntu 17.04 release schedule

Coming back to Ubuntu 17.04 release date, here is the complete release schedule:

  • 29 December – Alpha 1
  • 26 January – Alpha 2
  • 16 February – Feature Freeze
  • 23 February – First beta
  • 9 March – UI Freeze
  • 23 March – Final beta
  • 30 March – Kernel Freeze
  • 9 April – Release Candidate
  • 13 April – Stable release

The complete schedule can be found here. Do note that while Ubuntu has a reputation of keeping the dates, the dates are subjected to change depending on various factors.

Ubuntu 17.04 release will be a short term one and will be supported for 9 months. That means you’ll be forced to upgrade in January 2018.

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Expected features in Ubuntu 17.04

Enough talk about Ubuntu 17.04 release date. Let’s see what we are getting or expecting to get in Ubuntu 17.04.

Unity 8

Unity 8 in action

Ubuntu users have been hearing a lot about Unity 8 for the last couple of years but so far Unity 8 is nowhere to seen officially. Of course, there are ways you can run Unity 8 in Ubuntu releases already but that’s the experimental way.

Unity 8 is the new version of Unity desktop of Ubuntu and it will be coupled with Ubuntu’s own Mir display server. Unity 8 is important because it brings convergence to the desktop side of Ubuntu.

More Snaps

Ubuntu’s new distribution agnostic Snap packages will be more prominent in the new release. It won’t be replacing apt anytime soon, though.


At the time of writing this article, there are not many new Ubuntu 17.04 features to discuss. However, I’ll be updating this article as more new features start to arrive in the daily builds.

Download or upgrade to Ubuntu 17.04

I wouldn’t recommend that you go on to install Ubuntu 17.04 just yet. If you are a developer or if you would like to help Ubuntu in testing the upcoming release, you can get the Ubuntu 17.04 daily builds from the link below:

Ubuntu 17.04 Daily Builds

I’ll show you how to upgrade to Ubuntu 17.04 from Ubuntu 16.10 when the first beta is out. I don’t want you to mess up your current Ubuntu install at present.

Something to add?

While I’ll be updating this article from time to time, don’t hesitate to remind me if you happen to come across new Ubuntu 17.04 features. For now, you can setup your calendar in sync with the Ubuntu 17.04 release schedule 🙂


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