Ubuntu 17.10 Makes It Easier to Use Bluetooth Speakers

    Ubuntu will automatically switch sound output to Bluetooth when you connect a Bluetooth speaker, soundbar or headset.

    Connecting a compatible USB audio device will also see the sound output auto-switch to that device.

    While most Bluetooth speakers, headsets and USB audio devices already well with Ubuntu you typically have to dive into the system’s sound settings and manually select the device for audio output.

    In a world where Android and iOS smartphones automatically switch to Bluetooth devices when connected, requiring manual user input is not only a little old-fashioned but may, to users otherwise unaware, appear broken.

    So I’m pleased to hear that Ubuntu is fixing this — and, s this video demo Ubuntu desktop lead Will Cooke shows, this automatic audio switching is sounding flawless.

    The video starts with audio coming from the laptop speaker. When the Bluetooth speaker — trivia: Canonical once sold an Ubuntu-branded bluetooth speaker — is turned on and connects the sound output switches straight to it. When it’s turned off the sound plays through the laptop speakers.

    A small change, but a big improvement to the overall usability of Ubuntu.