Ubuntu 19.04 Has Been Codenamed Disco Dingo


Ubuntu 18.10 is released and it’s time to start looking for the upcoming Ubuntu 19.04.

As spotted by OMG Ubuntu, Ubuntu 19.04 will be called Disco Dingo. Since there is not much known about Ubuntu 19.04 features yet, let’s talk about this cheesy codename.

Ubuntu 19.04 Codename

Ubuntu 19.04 Has Been Codenamed Disco Dingo

If you have read my earlier article about the Linux distributions’ naming trivia, you probably already know that each release of Ubuntu is codenamed with two words starting with the same letter. These letters are in the alphabetical order. So after Ubuntu 18.04 Bionic Beaver, you had Ubuntu 18.10 Cosmic Cuttlefish.

The first word is usually an adjective and the second word is a (usually endangered) species.

At least this is what it used to be for years. The pattern in the second word was broken with the release of Ubuntu 14.10 Utopic Unicorn. Instead of an endangered species, it was a fictional animal. Yes, Unicrons are fictional. Stop believing in that rainbow farting animal.

The pattern was broken again a year later with Ubuntu 15.10 Willy Werewolf. No matter how much you want to believe, Werewolves are neither endangered nor real. Stop watching Twilight for Bella’s sake.

With Ubuntu 19.04, the pattern has been broken again but this time, it’s the first word of the codename.

The first word used to be an adjective however ‘disco’ is a noun and a verb but not an adjective. I wonder how come Ubuntu team ran out of ideas for an adjective starting with letter D. I guess they just wanted to party.

Dingo is a type of dog native to Australia. It’s not an endangered species but at least it’s a real animal. If Ubuntu were going for a fancy name with fictional animals, Disco Dragon would have been a lot more fun in its own way. And yes, Dragons are not real as well. Sorry to break your heart.

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Ubuntu 19.04 Release Date

There is no official release schedule for Ubuntu 19.04 Disco Dingo yet. However, you can easily make a few guess.

You probably already know the logic behind Ubuntu’s version number. 19.04 will be released in the month ’04’ of the year ’19’. In other words, it will be released in April 2019.

But that’s the month. What about the exact release date? Considering that a non LTS release of Ubuntu follows a 26-week schedule, it will be safe to predict that Ubuntu 19.04 will be released on 18th April 2019.

Have you ever noticed that a new Ubuntu version is released on Thursdays only?

What new features are coming to Ubuntu 19.04?

It’s difficult to say at this moment because the development for Ubuntu 19.04 has hardly begun. You may expect better power management, better boot time with new compression algorithm, Android integration among other things.

I’ll update this article when I learn about other new features in Ubuntu 19.04. If you stumble across some useful information in this regard, please send me a message through this page.

Meanwhile, why don’t you tell me what new features you would like to see in the upcoming Ubuntu 19.04 Disco Dingo.

Ubuntu 19.04 Has Been Codenamed Disco Dingo


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