Ubuntu – How To Take Screenshot From Command Line

How to Take a Screenshot from Terminal on Ubuntu Linux. Shortcut key to take screenshot in Ubuntu. Learn Ubuntu screenshot shortcut and command to capture screen in Ubuntu.

Shortcut key to take screenshot in Ubuntu


Type the command “gnome-screenshot” to take screenshot. This command in similar to use print screen or using screenshot tool.

$ gnome-screenshot

Capture the Current Window:

Type the command “gnome-screenshot -w” to take screenshot of th current window. It is similar to take screenshot of the current active window.

$ gnome-screenshot -w

Take Screenshot After Some Time Delay:

To take screenshot after some delay in seconds, use the command “gnome-screenshot -w -d 2” to take screenshot. The option -d 2 is used for take screenshot after a delay of 2 seconds.

$ gnome-screenshot -w -d 2

Capture a Particular Window Area:

To take screenshot of a particular window area, use the -a option with the command “gnome-screenshot”.

$ gnome-screenshot -a

Take Screenshot With or Without Window Border:

You can also take screenshot with or without screen window border – including or excluding the window border. Type the command “gnome-screenshot” with -b/-B options.

Including the window border:

$ gnome-screenshot -w -b

Excluding the window border:

$ gnome-screenshot -w -B

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