UD1000GM: a Gigabyte block that is truly PCIe 5.0 compatible

This time, we return to the world of power supplies with the arrival of a block signed Gigabyte. Indeed, the brand updates its UD1000GM with a PCIe 5.0 connector in 12 + 4 pins. This model should therefore be fully compatible with this new standard!

UD1000GM : a power supply with a real PCIe 5.0 connector !

Gigabyte UD1000GMWith this new version, the brand offers us a power supply with a comfortable power of 1000W. So you will have enough power to serenely supply a big CPU or several GPUs. Moreover, as far as certification is concerned, we have the right to a model displaying 80+ Gold. All this comes in rather small dimensions: 14 cm deep.

However, what interests us most about this model is the connectivity since this block is fully compatible with PCIe 5.0. Thus, unlike the ROG Thor II Asus, this reference offers a 12 + 4 pin connector. Note that the “+ 4” is important to deliver the 600W allowed by this standard. Without the latter, you will have to make do with less power.

For the time being, it is difficult to be exhaustive on its subject since the brand has not published any technical data sheet. Nevertheless, we imagine that this version is largely based on its non-PCIe 5.0 counterpart. The big question concerns its price: how will it evolve with the arrival of this connector? We don’t know yet.

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