Як очищення та скидання мережевих адаптерів за допомогою командного рядка?

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Sometimes users get stuck with Network issues like Wi-Fi not connecting properly, users not getting the desired connection etc. In these cases, netcfg commands are of great use. There are several ways by which you can clean and reset your Network adapters. The easiest method is using the Command Prompts.

How To Cleanup and Reset Network Adapters using Command Prompt

1. Right click on the Start Button, go to Command Prompt (Admin) to open the Elevated Command Prompt.

2. Now type the following command netcfg -d. Press Enter. Initially you may get error with this command referring to NetSetupDeleteObject. In that case keep on entering the netcfg -d command until the command runs successfully.

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3. Next, you will be prompted to press any key to Restart the computer. If the Restart doesn’t happen automatically, then manually restart your comuter.

вибрати користувача

4. When the computer restarts, you will need to setup any network connections again. You may also need to reinstall and set up other networking software you might be using, such as VPN client software or virtual switches from Hyper-V .


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