Покемон GO Оновлення: Friendly спортзали дозволяють тренерам принести 6 Покемон

Up till now, Pokémon GO allows trainers to bring just one Pokémon to gym training at a time. But an update of the game will include enhancements to the gym experience at all levels. Trainers will now be able to bring six Pokémon instead of one while training at a friendly gym, the game’s makers Niantic Labs оголошений on their website Thursday.

покемон Go The new feature that’s going to be released for “Pokemon GO.”

Users can also adjust the combat points (CP) of the Pokémon they are training during a session to match their battle capabilities. This enhancement allows a player of any level to have an impact on his team’s gym. Pokémon games and anime generally allow a trainer six Pokémon, depending on the agreed rules of the battle or gym and now the game has followed suit.

The update, though affects only gym training — battling in a gym controlled by your own team. Gym battles have always featured more than one Pokémon and gym training can also do the same. You can select six of your favorite Pokémon to train.

Niantic also оголошений the rollout of a new capture feature that makes it easier for users to capture rear Pokémon, but hasn’t yet announced a date for the updates.

With the initial hype over the game dialing down, it seems Niantic is trying to add features to engage more users. The game has still been створення заголовків, but not for the right reasons, such as people getting injured — or even dying — while playing.


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