[Виправити] Деякі сторінки або розділи відсутні в Windows 10 настройки

[Виправити] Деякі сторінки або розділи відсутні в Windows 10 настройки

Today in this tutorial, we are going to address a strange issue present in Windows 10 operating system. We know that Microsoft has moved almost all traditional control panel options to the new Установки програми in Windows 10 which can be accessed from Start Menu або за допомогою WIN + I гаряча клавіша

Sometimes you may find that some main sections or individual pages/tabs are missing in Windows 10 Установки програми. For example following screenshot shows a few sections (Personalization, Privacy, Update & Security) unavailable in Settings main page:


Following screenshots shows a few pages/tabs (Background, Themes, Start) missing in Settings -> Personalization section:


It happens due to a new feature introduced with Windows 10 творці Update. Microsoft has provided a new feature to hide/restrict desired pages in Settings app. So if you don’t want other people accessing any particular page in Settings app, you can remove that page from Settings app.

Sometimes some software or some people or your system administrator might use this feature to remove/hide a few pages from Settings app in your computer and you may start wondering why is that Settings page missing suddenly?

Recently an AskVG reader “Деніс” contacted us regarding similar problem. Here is his comment posted in our Допомога і підтримка тема:

Windows 10 – I’m missing the actual “Themes” option in the Personalize settings. I believe our image build has disabled Themes. Do you know of a way to re-enabling the Themes option? Maybe just a registry setting that I cannot find? It’s driving me crazy to not have Themes and do even a simple “Change Desktop Icons”. Your help would be much appreciated!

If you are also facing this problem and want to enable all missing/hidden pages in Settings app, цей підручник допоможе вам.

You just need to follow these simple steps to fix this issue and show all available pages in Windows 10 Settings app:

1. Натисніть "WIN + R"Комбінація клавіш, щоб запустити діалогове вікно, потім введіть змерзатися і натисніть клавішу Enter. Він буде відкритий Редактор реєстру.

2. Тепер перейдіть до наступного ключа:


3. In right-side pane, look for SettingsPageVisibility string. This string value would be set to either приховати:page_names or showonly:page_names.


To fix the issue, select the SettingsPageVisibility string and press видаляти key. You can also right-click on the string and select Delete option.

That’s it. Once you delete the string, open Settings app and you’ll have all the missing pages and sections back.

PS: If the Settings app was already open, close it and then re-open it to take effects.


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