‘GTA 5’ Bikers DLC: New Gamemodes Leaked And 4K Screenshots Reveal Lycan Motorcycle

GTA 5 tipster Yan2295 shared on Twitter two new source codes that tease new content from the anticipated GTA Online Bikers update. The source codes show a new category of gamemodes that has yet to release on GTA Online.

The latest information, which were discovered by MegaGTAVMaster and TheIvaneh, shows what looks like a new co-op mission that requires higher number of players.

GTA Online Bikers gamemode MegaGTAVMaster and Thelvaneh share details of new gamemode for GTA Online Bikers DLC.

Besides the newly leaked gamemodes, members of the GTA Forums have also dissected the latest 4K gameplay screenshots to discover the brand-new content coming to the GTA 5 Bikers DLC.

GTA 5 Bikers DLC 4K 0 GTA 5 4K screenshots reveals new details from the upcoming Bikers DLC.

First things first, there appears to be an extra bike in this picture that is completely hidden behind the guy with the Mohawk and combat axe. You can’t see the bike, but you do see its handlebar poking out just on the left hand side. Judging by its position, the hidden bike is most likely another variant of the new Western Rat Bike.

But what about the bike on the far right, hidden behind the man in the Enforcer jacket? It looks to be the Lycan, another motorcycle from GTA 4 this could appear in GTA 5 for the first time. Expect the new Bikers DLC to deliver many bikes from the GTA 4 The Lost And Damned expansion.

GTA 5 Bikers DLC 4K 1 GTA 5 4K screenshots reveals new details from the upcoming Bikers DLC.

This screenshot was our first introduction to the Rat Bike, but that’s not the only thing that’s new. Note the tiny skull earring on the character’s right ear. The bike has got some really interesting accessories as well – next to the character’s left knee is what looks to be a suicide shifter that can be installed at Benny’s Customs. The screenshot suggests that the MC Motorcycle Clubhouse could provide the same level of customization.

GTA 5 Bikers DLC 4K 3 GTA 5 4K screenshots reveals new details from the upcoming Bikers DLC.

Moving on to this foursome, the rider closest to the camera has a sick ‘FTW’ patch on his vest with a matching FTW tattoo on his neck as well as a spider tattoo on his left cheek. The rider is also wearing a spiked earring and an MC T-shirt. Finally, the rider to the left is also wearing a cool T-shirt with a skull on it.


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