LogMeIn retires cloud storage service Cubby

LogMeIn announced today that it will retire the cloud storage service Cubby starting November 16, 2016 for free users of the service.

Cubby was introduced to the cloud storage scene back in 2012 introducing then unique features such as direct syncing of data between devices bypassing the cloud.

The second feature that set Cubby apart from most solutions was that it allowed users to select folders from any location on the system for synchronization.

The service introduced new interesting features later that year. This included options to turn off cloud sharing to use Cubby only for local data sharing. Another new feature was Cubby Locks. It enabled you to encrypt files using the account password.

LogMeIn introduced Cubby Pro accounts back at the end of the year 2012 which made features such as DirectSync or Cubby Locks Pro exclusive.

Cubby retirement


Emails sent out to Cubby customers inform them that Cubby is being shut down.

Today, LogMeIn is announcing plans to retire Cubby from its current line of products. We understand this may present challenges for you, but you don’t have to go just yet – your Cubby account will remain active until November 16, 2016, but after this date your account will expire.

The expiration date depends on the account type. Free accounts expire on November 16, 2016 for instance, while Pro and Enterprise accounts will remain active for the length of the subscription period plus 30 days.
LogMeIn created a video that demonstrates how to move files from Cubby to Dropbox.

The company operates LogMeIn Pro which offers 1 TB of cloud storage and more, and recommends it as an alternative especially to Cubby Pro and Enterprise customers.

LogMeIn Pro has a plan for individuals, but it comes at a price of €149 per year which is quite expensive if file storage is all that is required. It does add remote access functionality and a LastPass Premium license to it on top of that.

The company has created a FAQ for Pro and Enterprise customers that answers several pressing questions including how to migrate files to third-party services or LogMeIn Pro, or how LogMeIn Pro differs from Cubby in functionality.

LogMeIn Pro includes 1TB of file storage for all users, regardless of which Pro subscription package you choose. With Pro, you can also share files and folders with an unlimited number of users.

LogMeIn Pro includes user level access controls to share files and folders only with specific users, however Pro does not include offline syncing.

Cubby Enterprise customers will lose certain functionality with Pro, including the admin activity log, policy management, MSI deployment, domain-based administration, and ADFS integration, but they will have unlimited users, which was an additional cost with Cubby.

DirectSync and Cubby Locks functionality is not supported as well. LogMeIn stated already that it won’t bring back DirectSync functionality, but that it may add a security feature to protect files from being accessed by anyone but the file owner.

Closing Words

Cubby supported several interesting features, DirectSync especially, but it never managed to gain much traction in the cloud storage niche.

Free users should not have any issues migrating away from Cubby, considering that most storage providers offer 5 Gigabyte or more of online storage as well.

Those who used Cubby for direct syncing capabilities may want to check out BitTorrent Sync Resilio Sync which offers that functionality.

Now You: are you affected by Cubby’s retirement? Did you use the service in the past?


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