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‘UnDungeon’ Release Date: Pixel Art RPG Kickstarter Surpasses Goal; Mystic Links Stretch Goal Unlocked

Germany-based developer Laughing Machines’ “UnDungeon” is now funded on Kickstarter. The milestone was reached less than three weeks since the project to get backers to support the pixel art RPG was launched. However, this is just the start of more great things to come to interested players, since the first stretch goal for the game has officially been unlocked.

Just last Thursday, Laughing Machines proudly shared with its followers on Twitter the good news of having reached the initial goal for “UnDungeon’s” Kickstarter project. The project has an initial goal of €50,000, and this was achieved a few days ago. As of writing, 2,988 backers have pledged €54,504 to the action/role-playing game.

The initial goal ensures that the game will be released for PC/Mac/Linux via Steam and GOG. The indie studio is seeing a Q1 2018 release for these platforms. For gamers who want the game to launch on PlayStation 4, Xbox and PS Vita, there’s hope for “UnDungeon” to be released on these platforms as well, but this would depend on the support Laughing Machines will get for its stretch goals.

Speaking of stretch goals, the first one, which is called Mystic Links, has already been unlocked. The required amount to achieve it is €55,000. In exchange for sufficient support for this stretch goal, the developers will be making a unique personal quest chain for each playable character. These quests will include unique items, enemies and other types of content.

The “UnDungeon” Kickstarter project accepts several types of pledges. The base tier, called Scout or Early Bird requires a pledge of €10. This already entitles one to be part of the Shift and to receive a digital copy of the game and high-definition digital wallpapers. As for the top-tier pledge called Herald, it asks for €7,500 or more in exchange for a chance to meet the Laughing Machines team, to get two digital copies of the game, to have access to exclusive artefacts, upgrades and character skins and to own a printed artbook.

The official description for “UnDungeon” reads: “Seven immortal Heralds are traveling through the ruins of seven worlds merged into a single dimension by a cataclysm called the Shift. By the end of the journey, they should decide the fate of the new world.”

Check out the official Kickstarter trailer for the game below and tells us what you think in the comments.


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