Uninstall these 17 malicious Android Apps if you have them on your phone

Android users, if you have installed some of the apps that look mysterious or have copied designs or descriptions, claiming to do certain tasks that you want, which other regular apps aren’t able to do (For example: Apps like Call recorders), beware! Such apps may offer you solutions, as claimed by the app’s description, but they may secretly push droppers into your Android phone. These droppers may steal your personal information and compromise your privacy.

These malicious apps may be using DawDropper

According to TrendMicro’s research on the DawDropper or Dropper-as-a-service (DaaS) model, some of the apps that were recently found to be malicious were using this model. If you have installed such apps, they may be stealing your personal data. This includes information such as text messages, which may contain OTPs, passwords, banking information, and more.

Before we take a look at all the apps that were found by the firm recently, let’s see how these apps may get your personal information and help hackers put malware on your device.

Some of the uncanny or clone apps that you find on Google’s PlayStore for Android do come with malicious droppers. These droppers then facilitate the malware installation processes and also help cyber criminals disseminate the malware.

Having said that, do not install any such apps that promise to do something extraordinary, or something as simple as cleaning phone RAM. Here’s the full list of 17 malicious apps that you may have installed on your phone.

1. Call Recorder

2. Rooster VPN

3. Super Cleaner

4. Document Scanner

5. Universal Saver Pro

6. Eagle photo editior

7. Call recorder pro+

8. Extra Cleaner

9. Crypto Utils

10. FixCleaner

11. Universal Saver Pro (New version)

12. Lucky Cleaner

13. Just In: Video Motion

14. Document Scanner Pro

15. Conquer Darkness

16. Simpli Cleaner

17. Unicc QR Scanner

Fortunately, these apps are reported to have been removed by Google, but they may still be on your phone. If you do have them on your device, delete them right away.

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