UninstallView for Windows by Nirsoft

UninstallView is a new portable program by Nirsoft that provides you with information on installed programs on machines running Windows.

The program is a replacement for MyUninstaller, a program with similar functionality that is been released in 2003 by Nirsoft.

First the basics: UninstallView is compatible with all versions and editions of Microsoft Windows starting with Windows XP and up to the latest Windows 10 version. It is offered as a 32-bit and 64-bit version, and portable which means that you can run it from any location without installation.

The program improves the built-in Windows software uninstaller, but is not as powerful as dedicated program uninstallers such as Revo Uninstaller or AppFalcon.

You do get features such as the removal of multiple programs, quiet uninstalls, remote support, or data export functionality though.

UninstallView for Windows by Nirsoft


UninstallView displays a list of all installed programs on start. The data is displayed in a table in typical Nirsoft fashion.

Each entry lists information such as the program’s name, version and install location, and additional information such as the install date or Registry time, the uninstall string, or Registry location.

You may sort the data with a click on one of the table column headers.

A search is provided to find information quickly. It searches the whole data set, and not only names which is one advantage the program has over the built-in Windows uninstaller.

Things don’t end here though. While you can select to uninstall any program listed in the interface, you may also run quiet uninstallations if supported. Also, and that is another improvement when compared to the Windows tool, you may use it to open the program’s Registry location.

This can be useful if the program won’t uninstall anymore, for instance because its program folder was deleted manually, or because of other issues. You can delete the uninstall information in the Registry to remove the program from the list of installed programs.

Programs that support making changes to the installation are also supported by UninstallView, as you may select that option from the context menu if provided.

UninstallView supports the removal of multiple programs at once. You need to enable that option under Options > Allow uninstall of multiple items before it becomes available though.

uninstall options

You find other preferences of interest under options. You may enable the following options:

  • Show items with parent uninstall entry — displays items with a parent uninstall entry.
  • Show items without uninstall string — displays programs that don’t have an uninstall string set in the Windows Registry.
  • Show items without display name — displays items that don’t have a display name set in the Registry.

You may copy or save selected data, or export it to various file formats including csv, txt, xml and html.

The advanced options improve things further, as you may load data from remote systems, external drives, uninstall data from shadow copies, or all users on the local system.

uninstallview advanced options

The values are self-explanatory, and fields become available when you change the load from value at the top.

Closing Words

UninstallView is a handy program for Windows that provides you with more information on installed programs, and better options to deal with these applications on the local or on remote computer systems running Windows.

The program is not as powerful as dedicated software uninstallers, but it is more powerful than the built-in Windows functionality.

Its biggest shortcoming, in my opinion, is that you cannot use it to force uninstall programs, or to run a check for leftovers after the default uninstallation completes.

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