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Unusual: images of a rare AMD Radeon Pro SSG

As you know, at we like weird stuff… Launched in 2017 on a Vega 10 base, the Radeon Pro SSG didn’t meet with the success we hoped for. However, this card has remained in the twisted minds of our community as THE “five-legged mountain” that would be interesting to analyze. Of course, before being able to dismantle this atypical map, we had to get our hands on a copy of the bug…that’s done today.

Radeon Pro SSG card

A graphics card with 2TB of integrated SSD

So here we are in front of a very special graphics card, developed by AMD three years ago. This specimen was developed on the basis of a vega 10, with 64 CU (4096 cores). The Radeon Pro SSG boasts no less than 12.29 tflops at 1500 Mhz (barely less than a vega 64). It is equipped with 16 GB of HBM memory that can be coupled in HBCC (High Banwidth Cache Controller) with 2 TB of SSD present on the card. This is a card that’s worth the detour just for that alone!

Radeon Pro SSG Arch

This impressive amount of memory was primarily intended for the video domain, especially on high resolutions, such as 8K. It could also be used for 3D modeling and VR, areas that require a lot of video memory

This card was not as successful as expected, seeing its price drop by more than 50% a few months after its release. It quickly disappeared from professional shops, having little use in the professional world.

Nevertheless, this remains a must for all lovers of technological curiosities.

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