Upcoming OneDrive Feature Can Help You Easily Find Microsoft Teams Files

Microsoft typically introduces brand-new features to its various products and services, and the Microsoft 365 roadmap is where you can get a glimpse of these changes if you’re ever interested. This roadmap is essentially a library containing everything users can expect down the road for 365 apps. If you customize any filters, you can see all the upcoming changes for products and services you’re most interested in.

For this article, we’ll be focusing on feature ID 88912, which is a feature that helps make your Microsoft Teams files easier to manage and access within OneDrive.

The roadmap entry states:

The roadmap also mentions that this upcoming feature may be available to the general public by April 2022. However, it’s worth noting that this is more of an estimate rather than a guarantee, so there’s still a chance that it won’t launch by then. Also, Microsoft plans to have a multi-phase rollout for this feature, which includes two separate “targeted release” periods before public release.

OneDrive isn’t the only product with cross-app synergy with Teams, though. Microsoft Outlook will also be revamped with improved support for Teams apps. However, this feature most likely won’t launch until December 2022. Another Teams-related feature will also launch by March 2022 called LinkedIn-Teams bonding, which is a feature that will display your LinkedIn profile on Microsoft Team.

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