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[UPDATE] TUF Gaming Bronze: Asus announces accessible power supplies!

After telling you about the launch of its Strix power supplies, Asus, unveils a new series of blocks. This time, we are facing a more affordable range with the Gaming Bronze UFCs. For the moment, two power supplies are on the program.

TUF Gaming Bronze: 550W and 650W power supplies unveiled!

Asus TUF Gaming Bronze

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For the moment, Asus defines its series into two power supplies that we will qualify as “reasonable”. There are 550W and 650W power supplies. Same for the certification where we stop at 80+ Bronze. To finish, all the cables will remain on the block, no modular type cables here. This may not be practical when wiring, however, it’s still good for the wallet.

Internally, these TUF blocks benefit from a 135mm double ball bearing fan. As for their operation, they are semi-passive. Thus, as long as the load does not exceed 30% (or a certain temperature), the fan will not start. Otherwise, these two units have a single 12V rail.

On the connection side, we’ll stay with something pretty classic with a 24-pin ATX, a 4+4-pin EPS12V, five SATA and four Molex. However, the number of PCIe will vary depending on the power. The most powerful model will offer four PCIe 6+2 while the 550W block will have two.

Now all that remains is to know the price of these models, something that Asus has not communicated.

SHIFT : Finally, we learn that this power supply series will be available in four power ratings. So 450W and 750W units are joining the party. Although not modular, the cables will be braided and we leave for a launch at the end of the year with the blocks guaranteed for 6 years!

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