Use OneNote Web Clipper Chrome extension to take notes while browsing


We browse a lot of websites daily and it might have happened to you that you just want to note down something important from a website. Maybe you want to read it later or just keep it for your reference. While you can always bookmark the pages and read them later, do you need a better tool? OneNote has been one of the most popular notes taking applications available. Due to its cross-platform support, OneNote has been accepted widely. And now taking instant notes has just become easier with the OneNote Web Clipper extension for Chrome from Microsoft. OneNote Web Clipper is a Chrome Extension that let you instantly take notes and save clippings from any web page to your Microsoft Account.

OneNote Web Clipper Chrome Extension

This Chrome Extension is an extension to OneNote’s note taking capabilities for Chrome. It does not only make taking notes easier but also makes sure that you can read your notes later anywhere. I used to bookmark articles and web pages for reading later and future reference. But sometimes I don’t want the entire web page so that is where this extension helped me a lot. To get started, once you’ve installed the extension, you need to log in with your Microsoft account. Microsoft Account is required so that your notes are synced with your account and are available everywhere.

Once you are done, taking a note is very easy and follows a simplistic approach. Go to an article/blog or website from which you wish to take a note. Hit the OneNote icon beside the address bar. And it will take a while to load all the elements. Then you can choose from four different note taking modes available. We’ve discussed each mode in detail as follows.

Full Page

OneNote Web Clipper

This mode can create a note with a full screenshot of the webpage included into it. This mode comes handy when you are in hurry and are not in a position to sort out things you need. Apart from the full-length screenshot, you can add custom notes. Also, you can edit and add a custom title and you are done.


The region mode lets you capture a specific section of the page. You can select the area you want to capture similar to the snipping tool. This mode comes handy when you want only a portion and not the complete page. Similar to Full Page, you can add a custom title and custom notes to the captures screenshot.


This mode will be useful for a majority of people. If you want to save a link to a dynamic website you can bookmark it. Bookmark mode works similarly to how the browser bookmarks are available.


This is the most useful mode if you want to take out some notes from an article or a blog post that you are reading. This mode will automatically recognize the readable content and will present it in a more clear format. You can easily highlight text and change font of the text. Moreover, you can even adjust the font-size for better readability.

OneNote Web Clipper

One thing I loved about this mode was it was able to recognize articles accurately. And was also able to fetch images from the website. But one thing I did not like was that you cannot edit the text. Suppose, I just need one paragraph but I will have to clip the entire article and highlight that part. Or maybe you can take a region clip.

These were the four clipping modes available. You have a lot of options and some are definitely better than old school bookmarks we’ve been using ever since. The best part about this extension is the OneNote back-end. It lets you access your notes from any other device. So, you can simply clip something and read it later on your mobile or any other device.

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