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How To Use Ubuntu Disk Usage Analyzer Tool to Check Free Disk Space

Install Ubuntu Disk Usage Analyzer on Ubuntu System and check free disk space. Ubuntu users cane asily check how much disk space is left using the Ubuntu Disk Usage Analyzer tool. The application also shows disk usage by folder or directory. The disk space usage data comes handy when you want to find the amount of free space on the hard drive or clean up the unwanted system to make the system faster.

Disk Usage Analyzer


Disk Usage Analyzer is a graphical tool to analyze disk usage on Linux Ubuntu Systems. The application shows the use of storage space using graphs and charts – ring chart or treemap chart. The app analyses storage device usage and can be used to scan local or remote storage devices, including hard disks, SSDs, USB sticks, digital cameras and memory cards. On Ubuntu Systems the Disk Usage Analyzer can scan either the whole file system, the Home directory or just a specified folder or a remote directory connected with a network.

The application comes with the following scan features:

  1. Scan a local folder, including all subfolders.
  2. Scan a folder remotely from your computer.
  3. Scan the file system or the internal storage devices.
  4. Scan the Home folder. It can scan all the personal files including videos, documents, pictures, downloads and music.

Using Disk Usage Analyzer

To check the free disk space and disk capacity using Disk Usage Analyzer, open the Disk Usage Analyzer application from the Ubuntu Dash. The home-screen window will display the Total file system capacity and Total file system usage of the system. From here users can click and select to Scan Home, Scan filesystem, Scan a folder or Scan a remote folder connected within a network. The disk space usage data is displayed according to Folder, Usage, Size and Contents.


How to scan a folder

To scans an individual folder:

  • Press the button in the top-right of the main window and select Scan Folder….
  • A file chooser dialog will open. Choose the folder which you want to scan.
  • Click Open to start the scan.

How to scan the file system?

  • To scan the entire file system, select the name of the computer from the list of Devices and locations. All of the folders that you have permission to access on your computer will be scanned. It is quite common for you to not have permissions to scan some directories on your computer. Please note that it may take some time to scan to complete if the file system is large.

If you want to free disk space and to delete a folder, right-click on the folder that you want to delete and select Move to Trash.

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