Using question and answers websites to drive traffic and backlinks (PR7 – PR4)

An untapped area is question and answers websites. Well kinda untapped. 10 High PR sites. (dont miss this)
Forums… article marketing… forum submissions.. blog comments are the usual seo</acronym> people do for new and old sites.

But i want to make sure you are all using question and answer websites.
The reason being…

– Content is relevant to the backlinks
– High page rank sites
– Lots of traffic
– People using question and answers websites can’t find their answers on google
– Once your link is on the site it lasts and brings a constant flow of traffic PR7 PR7 PR6 PR6 PR6 PR6 PR6 PR4 PR4 PR1

These are question and answer websites i found that are general
niches… So there should be something for everybody to get you all

A good bet would be to search a question.. and see if it ranks high in
google… try answer it.. and your link will be ranked high!

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