VanMoof uses Apple's Find My service to help you track your own stolen eBike

Major eBike manufacturer VanMoof has explained why it is one of the first companies to adopt Apple's Find My tracking technology - it helps users track their own bike if stolen or lost.

Speaking to Pocket-lint for a future episode of our podcast, the CEO of VanMoof, Taco Carlier, revealed that adding Find My was an obvious next step for eBike security: "We've spent a lot of time in the past working on anti-theft features. We have our own alarm systems, our own integrated lock and also a tracking system. But, that system is more focused on theft.

"The connection of our bike to the Apple Find My platform is so people can find their own bikes, so it's in addition to to our own technology.

"I think it's a great system as it uses every Apple device in the world as a sensor to find your stolen goods. So, it was a brilliant opportunity for us to be selected as one of the first partners that are allowed to connect to the system."

It enables riders to make their own enquiries first, before contacting VanMoof directly: "In the past, they always had to call us to report the bike stolen. Now they can find the bike themselves. So, it's a big addition to the solutions we already had," he added.

Sales of eBikes are increasing rapidly, especially in VanMoof's homeland of the Netherlands. Carlier told us that "more eBikes are sold there than regular bikes now". It's a trend he expects to follow in the US and other European countries: "I think Germany and France are bit behind the Netherlands, then the UK and US follow. So, it's already a big market here and it's turning into a big market in the rest of the world," he said.

You can hear our full interview with VanMoof on a future episode of the Pocket-lint Podcast (which comes out each Friday). We have interviewed many other tech industry illuminaries over the years and you can check out a list of all of our interviewees right here.

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