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Verizon Prepaid Plans: 5/10GB Data Limit, Always-On, Carryover Feature

Verizon introduced two new prepaid plans Monday, and starting Nov. 13, customers can choose from the 5GB and 10GB plans.

“People who choose Verizon’s prepaid service already enjoy the best value in the industry,” Rob Miller, vice president for consumer pricing at Verizon, said in the official press release. “The introduction of these new plans now gives you even more data to enjoy all that the next gen network has to offer.”

The 5GB plan for $50 a month comes with unlimited voice calls and text messages within the U.S., always-on data that carries over to the next month and free international messaging to more than 200 countries.

The 10GB plan for $70 a month comes with the same features as the 5GB plan, but other than double the data, the extra $20 also gives you unlimited calls to Mexico and Canada.

Verizon’s existing prepaid plans include a 6GB plan for $60 per month and a 3GB plan for $45 per month, both of which come with AutoPay and a $30 per month Wi-Fi only option. All of the company’s prepaid plans will be available for recently launched phones such as iPhone 7, Google Pixel and Moto Z.

The company is trying to win customers back after a negative third quarter in 2016, during which it lost 36,000 subscribers, leading to a revenue hit of 6.7 percent.


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