Month: tháng mười hai 2015

Là tác giả của Google Rank Dead or Chỉ Incognito?

Kể từ khi Google đã giết chết Tác Quyền, đầu cơ đã đầy dẫy. It all began with a quote from Eric Schmidt in his book, about a conceptual system that ties an author with a verified profile to the content they produce. This system, independent from Authorship, was called author

tốt các công cụ máy chủ web điểm chuẩn dành cho Linux là gì

Theo như hiệu suất máy chủ web là có liên quan, có nhiều yếu tố khác nhau tại chơi, ví dụ, thiết kế ứng dụng front-end, độ trễ mạng / băng thông, cấu hình máy chủ web, server-side trong bộ nhớ cache, khả năng phần cứng thô, tải máy chủ của chia sẻ lưu trữ, vv. Để so sánh và tối ưu hóa hiệu suất máy chủ web dưới như một…

Làm thế nào để vô hiệu hóa Network Manager trên Linux

Network Manager is a feature-rich network configuration service which is used by default in most Linux desktop environments nowadays. It provides automatic configuration of (wired/wireless) network interfaces, as well as VPN, mobile broadband and even Bluetooth connections. Network Manager is smart enough to automatically switch to

How to set up your Ecobee3 thermostat with HomeKit

Here's how to connect a newly-purchased (or gifted) Ecobee3 to your HomeKit network. Just purchased or received a new Ecobee3 HomeKit-enabled thermostat? Once you've done all the initial wire-work and installation, it's time to get your thermostat talking with HomeKit. How to set up your Ecobee3

Cắm thiết bị USB vào Lumia 950

Các tính năng liên tục có sẵn trên các thiết bị như Lumia 950 brings Windows 10 Mobile devices one step closer to truly being possible PC replacements for general consumers. Another often-overlooked capability that makes Microsoft’s smartphones more PC-like is the ability to plug USB devices into them.

Dariusburst: Chronicle Saviours review

Sometimes we really do get everything we want for Christmas. Darius was a horizontal scrolling shoot-em-up first released in arcades in 1986. An IP with a noteworthy history, it was considered creatively groundbreaking at the time, and its mainstay of experimental music, ethereal styling, and marine

Assassin's Creed Syndicate: Jack the Ripper DLC review

Ubisoft's announcement that it would adapt the murders of Jack the Ripper into a rip-roaring epilogue for Assassin's Creed Syndicate rose some eyebrows. How would the developer handle the gruesome murders? Would you play as Jack during them? After Syndicate's solid main storyline and well-written cast