Email backup, Liên hệ & Calendar (Easy Way)


If you are using a Microsoft account as your primary email ID, you likely have thousands of important emails, tens of contacts and calendar items in your mailbox.

You might ask why anyone would want to backup emails and contacts from Well, is a trustworthy webmail service from Microsoft and is here to stay. Mà nói, if you have emails with crucial data, having an offline copy of your mailbox makes sense these days.

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The other advantage of backing up your mailbox is that you can access all emails when you are offline as well.

Backing up your emails, contacts and calendar items is an easy job thanks to the export mailbox feature in You don’t need to rely on a third-party service or tool to backup your account.

Your mailbox backup includes all emails in the inbox, dự thảo, sent items, junk emails,

Refer to the given below directions to download all emails, địa chỉ liên lạc, and calendar items from your mailbox.

Backup emails, contacts and calendar from

Note that you cannot use this method to backup only specific emails and contacts.

Bậc thang 1: Visit in your web browser and then sign-in to your account.

Bậc thang 2: Click vào gear/settings icon and then click View all Outlook settings liên kết. It will open the Outlook settings page now.

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Bậc thang 3: On the Settings page, hướng đến Chung > Privacy and data.

Bậc thang 4: bên trong Export mailbox phần, click vào Export mailbox nút. will prepare the backup copy in about four days and will send an email with a link to download the mailbox.

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If you don’t get an email with download link even after four days, revisit the same section (General > Privacy), you will get the Tải ngay liên kết. Click on the Download now link to begin downloading the mailbox containing your emails, contacts and calendar items.

download emails and contacts

The mailbox backup copy comes with PST extension. You need Office Outlook software in order to open the mailbox backup copy (PST) file. If you don’t have Office Outlook on your PC or cannot afford Office Outlook, use the free PST Viewer software.


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