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Honor 9 Review: Watch out, OnePlus

The Good Great battery life Smooth performer Compact and shiny Smart software The Bad Fragile back Jittery video Our Honor 9 review takes an in-depth look at the performance, battery life, camera tech and smart features of the 2017 Honor flagship phone. At just £380 in

Apacer reveals assault rifle inspired PCIe NVMe SSD

Taiwanese memory specialist Apacer has launched an eye-catching new high-performance SSD. With the commoditisation of memory products brands seek to differentiate using various design and marketing techniques. In PCs we have seen peripherals and components brands adding RGB LEDs all over the place, as well as

How To Customize The Control Center In iOS

The Control Center was added to iOS in iOS 7. It rolled out with the new iOS look which a lot of people weren’t sure about. The Control Center makes useful system switches like the WiFi and Bluetooth available with just a swipe. Up until iOS

The Top 3 Tech Trends Of 2017

This article originally appeared on the Motley Fool. We're only halfway through 2017 and this year has already been a big one for emerging technologies. While there are lots of cool things happening in the tech industry, three specific trends are outpacing nearly everything else: self-driving

Forget the GUI: The return of the command line

If you immerse yourself in Microsoft history for long enough, you’ll come across more than one story about staff trying to add more command-line features to its operating systems. The plans go up the corporate tree, to the rarified heights of a Bill Gates review, Ở đâu…

FreeTail EVOKE Series CompactFlash Cards Capsule Review

Digital cameras and camcorders employ memory cards (flash-based removable media) for storage of captured content. There are different varieties of memory cards catering to various performance levels. CompactFlash (CF) became popular in the late 90s, nhưng, has now been overtaken by Secure Digital (SD) cards. Mặc dù…

Wine Development Release 2.11 Now Is Available

The new Wine development release 2.11 was announced days ago. Available for install in all current Ubuntu releases via its official repository. Theo thông báo, Rượu nho 2.11 features: OpenGL support in the Android driver. Support for security labels. Relay debugging on ARM64. More dictionary support

EU mobile roaming charges were abolished today

Today the EU law to abolish mobile phone roaming charges has come into effect. What it means is that people travelling within the EU can call, text, and use data just like they do in their home country, without the worry of extra fees. The following

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