các cửa sổ 10 Tip: How To Simulate a Middle-Button on a Touchpad

Maybe, the middle-button on your mouse is less important than the left and right button but it still offers a lot. I am the fan of it and do use it a lot, especially to open links in a new tab when I am surfing the web. Nhưng, most of the touchpads don’t come with a middle button. Do I have to get used to it and abandon the middle button while I am on a laptop with a touchpad that only has left and right button?

Touchpad - Windows 10 Tip: How To Simulate a Middle-Button on a Touchpad

How to simulate a middle-button in Touchpad

If the touchpad on your laptop is a what’s called precision touchpad, you can easily enable the middle-click in Windows 10.

Mở Cài đặt, đi đến thiết bị và click Touchpad. You will see “Your PC has a precision touchpad” at the top of the menu on the right if you have one on your laptop.

Settings - device - touchpad - precesion touchpad

Scroll down a little until you see Three-finger gestures phần, click the drop-down menu under Taps and change the default Tap action to “Middle mouse button“.

Settings - Device - touchpad - middle button

Hiện nay, all you need to remember is to use your three-finger to tap once on the touchpad when you need to mimic a mouse middle-click.

What to do if I don’t have a precision touchpad

If you are using one of the old laptops that don’t the modern precision touchpad equipped, the first thing to check is to go to Control Panel and check what the options you have under Synaptics touchpad setting or Pen and Touch settings.

If no luck, you may look a bit further and use a tool like AutoHotKey. Có this premade script that simulates a middle-click when you press the left and right button at the same time.

~LButton & RButton::MouseClick, Middle
~RButton & LButton::MouseClick, Middle

You can even download this executable and use it without AutoHotKey installed. Throw it into the Startup folder, if you wish, to make it run automatically during the login.


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