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VR News: Google Daydream VR Games, Apps; Facebook VR Demonstrated

Facebook is partnering with Samsung to let the general public test out virtual reality (VR) gear.

“(This) is a perfect introduction for people who have never tried VR before. The experience is free to the public,” the company said in a statement given to ABC11.

A glass trailer atop a flatbed container arrived at North Hills shopping center in Raleigh, North Carolina, at 3 a.m. EST Thursday with the new VR tech and started showcasing how VR can be linked to a Facebook account to let users watch videos or play games. ABC11 says that the container will tour through 30 cities in the U.S.

The Facebook VR demonstration will showcase a tour of Thailand, an elephant safari, flying through outer space and let users play hoops with LeBron James in VR. The exhibit is open Thursday to Sunday from noon till 8 p.m. EST.

And if Facebook is stepping up its VR game, can Google be far behind?

Google’s Daydream headset was revealed in October. The company has started populating its Play Store with Daydream-compatible applications and games that include:

“Gunjack 2: End of Shift”: The first-person game is a sequel to “Gunjack” and was earlier playable only on Samsung Gear VR headset. Techcrunch’s Darrell Etherington claims that the Daydream version provides much better gameplay than the Gear one.

In “Gunjack 2,” players can have a much better aim by using Daydream controllers. Players can buy in-game merchandise using the simple swipe system.

You can buy the “Gunjack 2” VR version from Play Store for $12.99.

“Need for Speed No Limits VR”: The popular car-racing game is now available for Google’s VR headset. “Need for Speed” is expected to work the same way in VR as it does on PC when it arrives in the Play Store on Dec. 15.

“Wands”: “Wands” is a VR role-playing game set in 1880’s London. Players will take on the role of the “wielder” and concoct spells to win the game and have magical duels with other wielders.

It is available in the Play Store for $5.99.

Other VR Apps: HBO Now and HBO GO will let Daydream users watch movies in VR, while the company has also confirmed to Techtimes that Netflix is headed to Daydream soon.


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