VSDC Free Audio Converter is a comprehensive audio converter tool

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  • Dec 01, 2016


Audio and Video files are always encoded in a particular file format in order to optimize the quality. While most of the audio files are MP2 there also exists a possibility that some of them might come in Windows Media Audio file, Real Audio, Vorbis Audio and Mobile Audio (AMR). Now not all players play all the formats and this is the reason the need to convert the format arises. For instance, audio players in cars fail to play a certain format and one needs to convert the audio files. The compatibility issue can cripple one’s music experience and freeware like VSDC Free Audio Converter try to solve the issue.

VSDC Free Audio Converter software

VSDC Free Audio Converter software

Getting Started

Downloading and installing the video converter is pretty simple, just run the downloaded .exe file and install in the desired locations. I tried converting a few MP3 files with low bitrate to 320kbps and was impressed with the increase in the quality.

Features Galore



Well, the VSDC is definitely not the first free audio converter I have used but the VSDC is definitely one of the most full-fledged audio converters that are free to use. Usually, it so happens that the other free converters lack some advanced features and charge a premium for the same.

Convert audio files

To convert file formats, choose the audio file you want to convert and open the same by clicking on ‘Open Files’ tab. Once the file opens choose the output format and the desired bitrate.

Ensure that all the parameters are set right and only after that hit the “Convert Files” button. The progress bar will appear and the converted audio file will be stored in the target folder. Something which can also be customized.

In case you want to play your DVD on your smartphone, the VSDC converter also offers a DVD Rip feature.

The free software lets you easily load desired items by dragging them onto the interface and needless to say the converter also lets you select multiple files for conversion and as a matter of fact you can even choose an entire folder. As I expressed earlier the wide range of codec availability on a free audio converter is something that is commendable.

Its advanced features also include setting frequency, bitrate, tag editing and also the number of channels. The UI/UX of the app can be easily understood making it effortless for the first-time video converters.

You can download VSDC Free Audio Converter here. It is a free audio converter and if you like the product maybe you can donate to the developers.


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