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‘Watch Dogs 2’ Cheats & Tips: Fast Money Duping Glitch Offers $18k A Minute In 1 Mission

Watch Dogs 2 just released, and some have already found a fast money glitch that works in one particular mission. If done fast enough, you can earn $18,000 a minute with the possibility to roll over for even more.

Proof of the new Watch Dogs 2 cheat arrives via the WikiGameGuides YouTube channel. A video of it in action can be watched at the link. At a late point in the game’s campaign, players will come across a specific operation called “An Eye For Eye” with a sub-mission called “A Real Dog Fight” as its fifth main component.

At one point in that section you’ll come down a large freight elevator. When it reaches the desired floor, hack the tech inside its corner, and you’ll see a room with a man and woman standing next to each other. The man is Pablo The Skinner. Pointing the cursor at him and hacking will net about $18,000 in profit. Once that’s done, simply load the previous checkpoint and repeat the process as many times as you like. Those that want to spend the extra time can earn up to $1 million in less than an hour.

Because this tip relies on a specific glitch in Watch Dogs 2 that isn’t exactly intentional, it’s something that Ubisoft could potentially patch out in a future update. That being said, those able to try this at release could potentially scoop up a massive war chest of funds for clothes and weapons.

It’s unfortunate that this glitch happens to be so late in the game, but it’s the only known one right now. There are money drop markers located at different points on the map, but those aren’t tied to checkpoints like this particular section. In those cases the money is immediately transferred to the player, saved and cannot be grabbed again. Finding the right drops can net some serious cash, but this method is a lot easier than the struggle required to get those.

Another quick way to get money in the Watch Dogs 2 early game is by completing several Driver San Francisco missions. Driver San Francisco is essentially a clone of Crazy Taxi or the taxi missions in Grand Theft Auto. Just drive passengers to their desired locations and get money for doing it. While the Pablo The Skinner cheat will likely be patched out in time, those last few tips should always work.

Watch Dogs 2 is available now on PS4 and Xbox One. The PC version launches on Nov. 29.

What do you think of this fast money glitch? Are there any other cheats we missed? Tell us in the comments section!


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