Watch Tesla’s new and more confident Full Self-Driving Beta V9 take on city and highway traffic

Two days ago Tesla released their long-awaited new FSD Beta version 9 software for Tesla owners who purchased the $10,000 package, and we have now seen a number of demo videos being uploaded showing the improvements in the system.

Many of those were taken at night by eager owners, however, but earlier today TeslaRaj uploaded his own demo taken in board daylight, featuring a drive in both dense city and highway traffic.

Two improvements are readily apparent – the car is now much more confident in its driving decisions and execution, and thankfully Tesla now does a much better job at monitoring driver attention using the in-cabin camera.

While improved, it is also clear that a lot more progress is needed to get to the dream of fleets of robot taxis roaming our streets. What do our readers think of the FSD Beta v9? Let us know in the comments below.

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