How to Turn Off Auto Enhance for Blogger Photos

Blogger Post Images are very important for your content and they help your site readers to understand your site content easily. whenever you upload a image in blogger post then its background color is look like dark and specially light-colored areas that make your site dull so we must need to turn this feature off and keep our images shining that also make our site more beautiful and attractive.
You may notice that this feature is not applied on all images that you uploaded on your blog its only applied on some images and make their light-colored areas dark so here we will going to share one simple and easy method that help you to disable this feature from your Google+ profile and after that your images will look like same as they looks in your computer hard drive. For more detailed information you can see below screenshot and understand that how your images will look like, when you turned on or off auto enhance feature.
Turn Off Blogger Photos Auto Enhance

How to Turn Off Auto Enhance for Blogger Photos

Here we will going to turn of this feature from Google Plus profile so if you have not yet joined Google+ then you must need to join it and then you will be able to turn on or off auto enhance feature however if you already joined Google+ then go for below steps and learn how you can turn off this feature.
1. Go to Blogger Dashboard and click on your profile picture that appear in top right corner of your screen and after it select blue “View Profile” button, same as below screenshot.
Google Plus Profile
2. After it you will be moved on your Google Plus profile, so simply move your mouse on “Profile” button that appear in top left corner of your screen, same as below screenshot.
Google + Profile
3. Now you can see some drop down options, simply click on “Setting” button.
Google Plus Profile Setting
4. You can see your Google Plus profile Setting page, Simply scroll down and now here you can see “Auto Enhance” feature under Photos and Videos, so select “off” option and it will be turned off in few seconds.

Turn Off Blogger Photos Auto Enhance

Turn Off Auto Enhance on Already Uploaded Images

After disabling this feature, whenever you upload a new image in your blog posts, the auto enhance feature will not work on them but if you also want to turn off this feature on already uploaded images then you need to follow below steps and turn of auto enhance from your already uploaded photos.
1. Go on “Profile” button and select “Photos” tab from drop down menu.
Google Plus Profile Photos

2. Now you can see a list of your all blogs with images, simply go to your desired blog and click on drop down button, same as below screenshot.

Auto Enhance  Turn Off
3. After it go to “Apply Auto Enhance” and turn it off, same as below screenshot.
Turn Off Auto Enhance

Need Help?

We hope above simple and easily steps will help you to turn this feature off however you can also turn this feature on at any time by follow above steps. If you face any problem in this tutorial or you have any question then feel free to ask in comment section and share our work with your friends.

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