Weird 128GB Apple TV 4K bug means only half its storage can be used

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If you have a shiny new 128GB Apple TV 4K you might find that half of that storage can't be used, leaving you with the same 64GB as everyone else.

The latest Apple TV 4K went on sale not so long ago, but some of those who splashed out for the big daddy 128GB version are finding that they might as well have saved their cash. For those people, only 64GB of that storage can be used - leaving another 64GB just chilling out in the corner, doing not very much. Poor show, Apple.

The issue has been spotted by a few people now, with seemingly no official way to get that 64GB back. Those who are suffering from this particularly irritating bug say that they receive an error when they hit the 64GB threshold, with tvOS simply saying that "the app can't be installed because there isn't enough space. Delete one or more apps or manage your storage in Settings."

However, there might be a sneaky way to force your 128GB Apple TV to play ball. Macworld reports that the error pops up if you try to download an app after the 64GB threshold has been breached. If you're below that point and queue a tonne of downloads, you're golden. "You can queue up downloads when below 64GB and they will complete, potentially taking your total used storage well beyond that limit," the report says. "The error only seems to come up when you initiate a new download while storage is above the 64GB mark."

As much as that might get people up and running, it's less than ideal. Unfortunately, it sounds like the latest tvOS 16.2 beta doesn't fix things either. Here's hoping Apple releases an update to deal with this bug sooner rather than later.

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