Weird Android Auto bug causes the Assistant to switch between regional variants of some languages

One of the handy features of Android Auto is its ability to read out notifications, allowing you to stay up to date with your work emails and messages while driving. But it appears the feature is not working as intended for some users due to a newly discovered bug.

According to recent user reports, Google Assistant on Android Auto is unable to differentiate between regional variants of some languages. As Android Auto user Renato M. Coimbra writes:

I live in Brazil and I speak Portuguese from here, but out of the blue the assistant started reading the messages from WhatsApp in Portuguese from Portugal.

Another Android Auto user, also from Brazil, commented on the thread stating that he too was facing the same issue, with Google Assitant reading WhatsApp and messages and SMS in Portuguese (Portugal) instead of Portuguese (Brazil). Both users mention that the issue only happens with select apps, WhatsApp and SMS apps in particular. Other app notifications are seemingly working fine.

The issue is not limited to just one language, either. A Canadian user reports that he has run into a similar issue on his Android Auto device, with Google Assistant reading Messenger and SMS notifications in French (France) rather than Canadian French, the default Assistant language.

The Assistant speaks French from Canada but messages (Messenger & SMS) are read in French from France instead. Not happening with all notifications, emails from Gmail seem fine for example.

It’s not immediately clear how widespread this issue is and whether it affects other mutually intelligible languages.

A member from the Android Auto team confirmed that they’re currently looking into the issue. We’ll keep an eye out and let you know if and when we get more details from Google on the matter.

Android Auto recently rolled out a new USB diagnostics tool that makes it easier to identify bad USB cables by running a quick test.

Source: Android Auto Help
Via: Auto Evolution