Western Digital Introduces WD Black D30 Game Drive External SSDs

Western Digital is adding a new external SSD to their WD_BLACK product line: the WD Black D30 Game Drive SSD. The D30 is a bus-powered USB SSD offering up to 900MB/s read speeds, with capacities from 500GB to 2TB. There is also a special version for Xbox console gaming, which changes some of the drive's trim to white instead of black and comes with a one month trial membership of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, but is otherwise functionally identical.

The new WD_BLACK D30 products fit into the WD_BLACK product line between the D10 external hard drive and the D50 Game Dock (Thunderbolt 3) with optional NVMe storage. The D30 also complements the portable drives under the WD_BLACK brand, including the P10 portable hard drive, and the P50 portable SSD that uses USB 3.2 Gen 2x2 to hit speeds of up to 2 GB/s.

The WD_BLACK D30 Game Drive SSD is available starting today with an MSRP of $89.99 for the 500GB version. The WD_BLACK D30 Game Drive SSD for Xbox is up for pre-order and will be available next month, with prices starting at $99.99 for the 500GB version.

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